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Sweet Knitted Baby Blankets – Free Patterns

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Your first knitted baby blanket should definitely be easy to make, soft, and light. Knitting such accessories yourself will surely make you feel so special! With the patterns we have found, you are sure to find ones to your liking. Some of them can serve as a real inspiration for you!

These blankets are obviously great as baby shower but will also work well as a cosy covering for your baby. They will keep your little one warmly wrapped up in the cot or pram during the walks outside.

Chevron patterns are timeless and beautiful not only in bright colors. Instead, we recommend you use white yarn and add a touch of a soothing pastel shade. That will create fresh and modern effects.

Get the inspiration from this selection of Sweet Knitted Baby Blankets and create your own special project. The ones we have found are surely out of this world!

Check out these free patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Baby Blanket Free Knitting Pattern Ideas

Dotty Baby Blanket

Looking for a handmade baby shower gift idea? This beautiful knitted blanket by Stephanie Jessica Lau is definitely a perfect one to make. The project features a beautiful dot stitch knitting pattern worked with worsted weight yarn. It’s also good to be familiar with garter stitch if you’d like to take on this pattern.

Would you stick with the subtle colour seen in the photo or go for a different shade? Try it out becasue this baby blanket pattern makes a real gem!

Level: upper beginner Author: Stephanie Jessica Lau

woman holding baby blanket

photo by Stephanie Jessica Lau / ravelry.com

Find this pattern on allaboutami.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Wide Wale Blanket

This knitted blanket pattern is a classic in itself! Purl Soho uses a beautiful combination of two shades here that never fails to look great.
To give it this wonderful texture, you need to alternate two lines each of knit and purl stitches.

What’s more the blanket comes in cotton, which makes it really soft to the touch. Would you like to see it for yourself? Don’t hesitate and give this lovely blanket pattern a go! Opt for soothing blues or cosy shades of pink?

Level: upper beginner Author: Purl Soho

hanging baby blankets

photo by Purl Soho / ravelry.com

Find this pattern on purlsoho.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Baby Snuggles Afghan

Who is in the mood for a relaxing knitting session? We have great news for all of you! Anaisa Bayala has released a pattern that will make your evening so much better.

Quick, beginner-friendly, repetitive, absolutely delightful. Is there anything else we knitters can dream of? This pattern also makes a great idea for a wonderful knitted baby blanket and makes an easy knit for beginners.

Level: beginner Author: Anaisa Bayala

Knitted Baby Blanket

Find this pattern on ravelry.com

Arches Baby Blanket

Any aunties or uncles in need of a knitted baby blanket here? LJM Designs has got you covered with their new pattern! This adorable blanket will be a precious gift for baby showers.

Also, why don’t you knit a cute hat and matching mittens in order to create a complete set? The author of this pattern suggests using Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn for best results.

Level: upper beginner Author: LJM Designs

Chevron Knitted Baby Blanket

Find this pattern on ravelry.com

Just One Cake Baby Blanket

This knitted baby blanket with a chevron pattern is simple and so elegant. It’s a perfect summer accessory for a cot or a stroller, without a doubt. Patterns like that are must-haves in every collection as they are timeless in style and easy to customise.

Level: upper beginner Author: Fil Katia

Knitted Chevron Blanket

Find this pattern on katia.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Pathfinder Baby Blanket

Joyce Fassbender has evidently found the path to excellence in knitting! We mean, how pretty is this knitted baby blanket? The color is fresh and energetic, and the stitch makes our craft-loving souls sing. It’s beginning to look like spring, right?

If you already know some knitting basics this one will defintely come as a quick knit for you. And believe it or not, this project makes one of the most beautiful baby blanket knitting patterns we’ve seen.

Level: upper beginner Author: Joyce Fassbender

Knitted Baby Blanket

Find this pattern on knitpicks.com, or read more on ravelry.com.


What is the best-knit stitch for a baby blanket?

If you want to make a beautiful knitted baby blanket, garter stitch will be the best option. It will surely do with beginners and offers a quick knit. You work it by knitting every row, instead of alternating between knit and purl rows.

With the garter stitch, you are ready to create lovely two-colour projects and that gives an endless number of combinations. You can also be sure that blankets with garter stitch will have a soft and squishy texture.

What is the Best size for a knitted baby blanket?

First of all, the age of the baby determines the size of the baby blanket. Secondly, it will depend on what you specifically want to use it for. Blankets for newborns are generally larger and can measure between 28-30 inches in length and width.

The standard average size for a baby blanket has 14 x 16 inches (rectangle) and 18 x 18 inches (square). Smaller sizes come useful when the child is on the go. The larger ones, on the other hand, will work well for use at home.

What weight of yarn is best for baby blankets?

It’s no secret that we want baby blankets to be soft and warm, but at the same time, very light. A DK (#3) or worsted (#4) weight of yarn meets these requirements best. They go on without being too heavy and feel very warm and cosy which is just what we want.

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