A pastel crocheted afghan with a teddy bear.

10 Best Pastel Baby Blankets with Free Crochet Patterns

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Crochet Pastel Baby Blankets are always so sweet! Whether you are arranging your new nursery, redecorating, or looking for patterns for the best crochet baby shower gifts ever, this selection will come in handy.

These lovely blankies come as designed by real experts who never stop inspiring us to make the world around us look prettier. The shades they used are so calming and sense-soothing. Can you feel it already?

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Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern Ideas

Sweet Pea Baby Blanket

How to interrupt the basic stitch pattern? Add a little twist and some delicate texture. Kim’s baby blanket is a stripey delight that will look great in both colorful palettes and in one shade only. In the bottom photo, you can see the closeup of this piece – I can’t get over how elegant it is.

Level: upper beginner Author: Kim Guzman

lilac crochet baby blanket with lacy pattern

photo by Kim Guzman / ravelry.com

Find this pattern on makeitcrochet.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Iris Stitch Baby Blanket

Choosing a lacy pattern for a baby blanket may be tricky because you don’t want the holes to be too big. If they are, tiny toes and fingers get caught in the openwork – and we don’t want that! Iris stitch is a great choice, as the holes are not too big, and the pattern is very easy to learn. I assure you that you will memorize it after a few repeats.

Level: beginner Author: Kris Moore

lacy pastel crochet baby blanket

photo by Kris Moore / ravelry.com

Find this pattern on krissysoverthemountaincrochet.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Beautiful Baby Blanket

Looking for a lovely and snuggly crochet blanket for your baby? Or perhaps a gift idea for a baby shower? If so, this beautiful crochet pattern by Jo Edwards is just what you need.

If you are a beginner to crocheting, this pattern will be super easy to make. You work the blanket in a one-row repeat applying only single crochet and double crochet stitches. Do you like the salmon color from the photo? We really do!

Level: upper beginner Author: Jo Edwards

crochet baby blanket in basket


photo by Jo Edwards / ravelry.com

Find this pattern on jototheworld.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Ombre Shell Stitch Blanket

Wow, Krista Cagle has really made this blanket crochet project look stunning! She used a shell stitch pattern to achieve that gorgeous ombre effect seen in the picture. The blanket size makes it a perfect one for a stroller or car seat. Use light weight of yarn for the same wonderful results!

Level: upper beginner Author: Krista Cagle

ombre crochet baby blanket

photo by Krista Cagle / ravelry.com

Find this pattern on easycrochet.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Pastel Baby Blanket

One more delightful pattern by Crochet ‘n’ Create! You know that this author is the absolute master of designs for newborns and toddlers, right? If you don’t, now is the time to explore her collection. Do it right after finishing this squishy pastel wonder!

Level: upper beginner Author: Crochet ‘n’ Create

Crochet Baby Blanket

Find this pattern on crochetncreate.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Bobble Stripe Blanket

Bobbles and stripes will make your baby smile! This soft crochet wonder will be a beautiful piece for your nursery or stroller. It will keep your little bundle of joy cozy and warm!

Working on this awesome pattern will be so much fun as well. Pick 5 delightful colors and get on with it! This one makes an easy crochet baby blanket for a beginner too.

Level: upper beginner Author: Sarah-Jayne Fragola

Crochet Baby Blanket

Find this pattern on bellacococrochet.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

The Neave Baby Blanket

If you want to create something special for the new baby in the family, we strongly recommend The Neave Baby Blanket. This lovely design with a simple square center evidently gets more and more interesting with each row.

Just look at these 3D hearts and structural stitches. So cool! It requires some crocheting experience and skills but it’s certainly worth it. Crochet pastel baby blankets and become the queen of baby showers!

Level: intermediate Author: Debbie Hemsley Kaltenbrunn / The Neave Collection

Crochet Baby Blanket

Find this pattern on theneavecollection.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Marled Entrelac Baby Blanket

Where do we start raving about this pattern? So hard to decide! Do we love the light pastel colors? Yes! Do we love the geometric motif? Absolutely! Do we love the lovely bobble pom-pom edging? Oh, so much! We love Red Heart Design Team too.

Level: upper beginner Author: Red Heart Design Team

Crochet Entrelac Baby Blanket

Find this pattern on yarnspirations.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Cozy Morning Light Blanket

Every morning will be delightful with this blanket in your baby’s crib! It will also work the same magic in the stroller during long walks in the park. If you are looking for something special for a little one’s birthday party, this crochet baby blanket by Lauren Brown will be the perfect gift!

Level: upper beginner Author: Lauren Brown

Crochet Blanket

Find this pattern on daisycottagedesigns.net, or read more on ravelry.com.

Pastel Rainbow Baby Blanket

A delightful baby blanket by Aubrey Olsen for all the expecting parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles! If you are decorating a nursery or making gifts for your family, you certainly need to try this crochet blanket pattern. Get some pastel yarn ready!

Level: upper beginner Author: Aubrey Olsen

Pastel rainbow baby blanket

Find this pattern on ravelry.com.

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