Large Knitted Octopus Ideas Free Patterns

Large Octopus – Free Knitting Patterns

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Nothing says “hug me!” better than an octopus with eight soft and squishy arms. Be sure to try out your favourite octopus knitting pattern from the ones we have prepared for you! These Large Octopus ideas are the perfect decoration not only for kids’ rooms.

You will need some skills to knit these creatures but the effort will certainly pay off. You can get comfortable on the sofa and snuggle yourself in these large arms to relax.

Choose neutral colors like whites and grays or go for bright and colorful. You can even add some suckers to make them more realistic. These big octopuses will be great gifts for kids and adults too, so grab your needles and test your creativity. 

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Octopus Free Knitting Pattern Ideas

Knit Octopus

This soft and very huggable octopus will be a great companion for kids. Your child is fascinated with sea creatures? Or perhaps it makes their favourite cartoon character? If so, the octopus toy is sure to make their new best friend!

If you are looking for ideas for gifts that always work, you should surely try this one by Purl Soho. It looks delicate in white, but use whatever colour you like!

Sport weight yarn will make this crochet piece super light and soft to the touch – just perfect for cuddling. The circular and double-pointed needle will certainly count for making this wonderful free octopus knitting pattern.

The author broke this project down into several parts. The pattern involves you knitting the body first and then adding each of the eight arms separately. Once you make the arms, you can sew them to the body and proceed to knit the bottom.

Before closing the bottom of the body, make sure to fill the toy with soft stuffing. If you plan to make a gift for a baby, you can add some sort of rattle inside too. 

Make sure to do the eyes – it certainly wouldn’t be the same without them! How about adding a mouth too? A smiling face will make the toy look even more cute!

Level: upper beginner/intermediate Author: Purl Soho

Knit Octopus

Find this pattern on, or

Opus the Octopus

This is a fantastic pattern for a very realistic-looking octopus that can be so much fun to knit. It’s actually the largest octopus pattern we’ve seen so far!

The author of this project took inspiration from a real species of octopus. Therefore, it will make a real treat for any sea world fan! It will also certainly do as an original gift idea for a friend.

Be sure to make it colorful because it would be a great decoration too! You can place it on your sofa in the living room, where it will always be ready for you to cuddle.

How about using this octopus pattern for toy knitting? Its wonderfully squishable body and very soft texture make it a perfect cuddle toy for a kid too!

Wondering how you should knit it? Follow the instructions by Cate Carter-Evans! She made sure to keep them clear for the knitter at any skill level!

You need to knit this pattern in the round with intarsia tentacles worked flat. So, put your knitting needles into action and give this one a try!

Level: upper beginner/intermediate Author: Cate Carter-Evans

Knit Octopus

Find this pattern on, or


Do knit octopus patterns Prove difficult to make?

It all depends on how intricate a given project is. For intermediate knitters, the above octopus patterns shouldn’t require much effort. If you’ve been knitting for a while and have already mastered the basics, you should also be able to succeed.

However, if you’ve only recently started knitting, it’s better to save it for later. Once you’ve gained a little more practice, making these octopus pieces will be quick and fun for you. If it’s hard for you to determine your skill level, take a look at the pattern description for a particular project. It will give you an idea of what to expect.

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  1. Looking for free octopus and squid like octopus. They say free and all I am doing is going around in circles!! I am interested in getting both patterns, but if you don’t want people to have it don’t put it on here!

    Thank you Kitty

  2. I would like free pattern for knitted octopus for babies in hospital. I have made many teddies but have now been asked to do octopus
    Can you help? They specified non stuffed tentacles.

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