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Crochet Tools and Accessories Every Beginner Should Have

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Beginner crochet enthusiasts often wonder what crochet supplies they need to get started. A good quality tool set can help you create beautiful projects with ease and precision.  In this article, we’ll go over the essential crochet tools you need to get started or improve your craft.

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Essential Crochet Tools and Accessories

Having the right tools for beginners can make all the difference in your crocheting journey. From hooks in various sizes to stitch markers and tapestry needles, there are a variety of gadgets that crochet lovers can’t live without.

These essential crochet tools and accessories can help you create everything from simple dishcloths to intricate afghans.

1. Crochet Hooks

Crochet hooks come in various materials like aluminum, steel, plastic, and ergonomic designs.

When making your choice, keep in mind that:

  • Steel hooks are suitable for detailed work with fine yarns and delicate crochet threads.
  • Aluminum hooks are very versatile and smooth allowing the yarn to glide easily.
  • Plastic hooks are the most affordable option, which makes them a cost-effective choice for beginners.
  • Wooden hooks have a warm feel, which some crocheters find pleasant.
  • Ergonomic crochet hooks offer a comfortable grip and can reduce wrist fatigue.

Which type you should choose depends largely on your preferences. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different options to find the one that suits you best.

a set of crochet hooks

Choosing the right size of hook for your project is crucial. Standard crochet hook sizes range from 2 mm to 6.5 mm. However, you will also find them in much smaller or larger sizes.

Smaller hooks are good for detailed work and thin yarn, while larger hooks are great for bigger, faster projects and thick yarns. A complete crochet hook set will give you all the options you need. Popular brands like Clover and Boye offer a range of options to suit different needs.

The sizes of crochet hooks that are required for a given project are always specified in the pattern, so it’s worth taking a look there.

Beginners usually start with a 5 mm crochet hook, being the middle ground between large and small sizes. It’s perfect for practicing your first stitches and will suit multiple projects.

2. Yarn

Yarn comes in many types, such as cotton, wool, and acrylic. The type of yarn you choose depends on your project.

Cotton is great for dishcloths and summer items, wool is warm for winter garments, and acrylic is versatile and budget-friendly.

a plastic basket with yarn

Pay attention to yarn weight and texture, as they affect the final look and feel of your project. Some crochet patterns might work better with specific types of yarn so always refer to them for guidance.

A medium weight yarn will work best for beginners. Avoid dark colors and fuzzy textures, as this type of fiber is tricky to work with. Stitches are much easier to track with light-colored yarns.

3. Scissors and Yarn Cutter

Having a good pair of scissors is essential for cutting yarn neatly. Yarn cutters are also handy for quick snips but a pair of your favorite scissors will do. Just make sure to use sharp scissors to avoid fraying your yarn.

4. Stitch Markers

Stitch markers help you keep track of your stitches, especially in complex patterns. You will find them especially useful in amigurumi projects.

There are different types, like locking, split ring, and loop markers. When choosing stitch markers go for split rings. You can easily remove them at any point in your work and they are great for crochet. Don’t use closed stitch markers as they only work well in knit projects.

If you are on a low budget, you can also make your own using small pieces of contrasting yarn.

stitch markers

Use stitch markers to mark the beginning of rounds, increases, decreases, or any important points in your pattern. These crochet accessories can really streamline your process.

5. Tape Measure and Ruler

Measuring is important in crochet to ensure your pieces are the right size. A flexible tape measure is great for measuring around curves and a ruler is useful for flat pieces.

a measuring tape

Measure your gauge by making a small swatch and counting the stitches and rows per inch. This helps you adjust your hook or yarn size to match the pattern requirements.

6. Tapestry Needles

Tapestry needles, also called darning needles or yarn needles, are used for weaving in yarn ends and sewing pieces together. They are an essential part of any crochet kit.

They come in different sizes and materials like plastic and metal. A large eye makes threading yarn easier. Use tapestry needles to neatly finish your projects by hiding yarn tails and joining parts seamlessly.

a tapestry needle

7. Blocking Mats and Pins

Blocking helps your crochet pieces look more polished. This is why it’s good to have at least one blocking mat and a couple of blocking pins at hand. They will hold your work in place while it dries, shaping it to the correct size. There are foam mats and interlocking tiles that are perfect for blocking.

8. Storage Solutions

Keeping your crochet tools and supplies organized makes your crafting time more enjoyable. There are many great solutions like plastic bins, bag organizers, yarn storage totes, and hook cases.

If you are looking for a nice way to keep all your work in progress in one place, consider buying or making a project bag. There are tons of amazing crochet bag patterns out there that you can use to make such a bag.

A well-organized tote can keep all your crochet accessories in one place. You can also get creative with DIY storage ideas like repurposing jars or boxes to hold your crochet hook set. Organize your supplies by type and size to easily find what you need.

Interested in making your own crafting accessories? Check out the Crochet Accessories For Crafters – Free Patterns for some brilliant ideas.

a basket with yarn and crochet hooks

Even More Useful Crochet Tools

If you want to learn even more about crochet tools, see this complete guide article: 20 Must-Have Crochet Tools For Beginners.

Read about helpful crafting accessories such as ball winders, yarn bowls, pom-pom makers, stitch counters, and more!

Where To Get Crochet Supplies Near Me

Finding crochet supplies near you is easier than ever! Local craft stores like Michaels, Joann, and Hobby Lobby often carry a wide range of yarn, hooks, and other crochet tools. You can also check smaller, independent yarn shops in your area for unique and high-quality materials.

If you prefer shopping online, websites like and offer a huge selection of crochet supplies. Amazon has fast shipping and competitive prices, while Etsy features handmade and specialty items from independent sellers. No matter where you shop, you’ll find plenty of options to fuel your crochet projects.


Having the right crochet tools can make a big difference in your crafting experience. Share your favorite crochet tools in the comments and let us know how they have improved your crochet journey.


What are the essential tools needed for crochet?

The essential tools for crochet include crochet hooks, yarn, scissors, a tape measure or ruler, and a tapestry needle. These tools help you start, manage, and finish your crochet projects efficiently.

What are the different types of crochet hooks and their uses?

Crochet hooks come in aluminum, steel, plastic, and ergonomic designs. Aluminum hooks are versatile, steel hooks are for fine thread work, plastic hooks suit bulky yarns, and ergonomic hooks reduce hand strain.

How do I choose the right size crochet hook for my project?

Choose the right size crochet hook by checking the yarn label for recommendations and following pattern instructions. Adjust hook size if needed by making a gauge swatch to match the pattern’s specifications.

What type of yarn is best for crochet projects?

The best yarn depends on your project: cotton is great for kitchen accessories and summer items, wool for warm garments, and acrylic for versatile, budget-friendly options. Consider the yarn’s texture, weight, and care instructions.

What is the purpose of stitch markers in crochet?

Stitch markers help keep track of your stitches, mark the beginning of rounds, and indicate pattern changes. They are especially useful in complex patterns to ensure accuracy.

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