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How to Crochet a Blanket – Tips & Free Patterns

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If you would like to learn how to crochet a blanket, you have just found the right place. No matter your level of experience with yarn crafts and your crochet skills! After reading this post, you will be ready to crochet your first blanket.

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How to crochet a blanket

Before we tell you how to crochet blankets, let’s think about the why for a second. There are many benefits of crocheting in general. For this reason, we will only focus on the most important ones and the ones that best apply to blankets.

Crocheting blankets can be a fun and relaxing hobby, especially when you know where to look for instructions, tips, and inspiration. And since you have found your way to this post on our site, it means that you do!

Crocheting for stress relief can be truly therapeutic. Just think about long evenings spent in front of the fireplace. Or on your patio, or watching TV with a crochet hook in your hand. The way soft yarn feels in your hands is sense-soothing for sure.

Some repetitive crochet blanket patterns allow you to focus on your favorite show or podcast and just go on. Crochet blankets for beginners are often like that.

More advanced crochet patterns for blankets will require your full attention. Focusing on them will let you forget all about the world around you for a while.

Being able to make your own accessories for the home is priceless! You can crochet the blanket, throw, or bedspread of your dreams. Isn’t it better than spending hours looking for them in stores and online and spending your hard-earned money?

crocheting a blanket

Benefits of handmade blankets

While crocheting throws and other warm and soft accessories we’ve just mentioned, you have control over every part of the process. You know best how to choose a yarn for a crochet blanket that will suit your needs. You can pick between different crochet blanket sizes and yarn weights and adjust them. Finally, you get to decide on the colors for crochet blankets your family and friends will love the most!

Here, we get to another super important point. Handmade throws, blankets, and bedspreads are wonderful gifts. Crochet baby blankets are great for expecting parents and baby showers.

Big crochet blankets are awesome housewarming gifts. Summer crochet blankets will be lovely for your friends who like to spend a lot of time at the beach!

We know you probably already know how much you want to crochet a blanket. Now you may be wondering – am I experienced enough?

Can beginners crochet blankets?

The answer is yes! Even if you are still new to the world of yarns and hooks. You can crochet a blanket for the first time and have plenty of fun with it!

Have you already learned some basic crochet stitches or are motivated to learn them? Easy crochet patterns for blankets are going to be perfect for you.

After all, your blanket will just be a big crochet square! Or a rectangle, or a circle, if you want to get a bit more creative. Some blankets are even made with beautiful crochet hexagons. All in all, we believe that all crochet blanket shapes and sizes are worthy and beautiful.

If you are a beginner, you could probably use a list of the most useful techniques to focus on. Here we come to your rescue with our selection! Here are some easy crochet stitches for blankets recommended by Crochetpedia:

After you cover the basics and learn easy stitches, you can expand your repertoire of crochet stitches for blankets. We are thinking about the awesome V crochet stitch, treble crochet stitch, or our beloved bobble crochet stitches and puff stitches.

We hope all these techniques do not sound too scary! And if they do, let us reassure you: with step by step crochet patterns, you will master them in no time.

Crocheting blankets in 5 simple steps

  1. Look for inspiration and find the perfect crochet blanket pattern!
  2. Think about the colors you want to use! Consider the occasion and the season. Is the blanket going to be a gift? Think about what shades will appeal the most to the special person you are crocheting for.
  3. Choose the right yarn for crochet blankets and adequate crochet hooks. Make sure to follow the instructions in the patterns while getting the supplies ready. The pattern will guide you on the right weight yarns for crochet blankets. You will also find out what crochet hook size to use.
  4. Follow the pattern and crochet your blanket. Make sure to take your time mastering the stitches and focus to get the right number of stitches in each row. Stitch markers are always a great help! It is always good to read the entire pattern before starting to be prepared for what’s ahead of you.
  5. Once you are done crocheting, weave in the yarn ends or finish your blanket with a decorative edging. Once you get some experience with more complex stitches, you will probably be tempted to spice up your projects. How? With intricate crochet blanket borders, for example, fabulous lacy borders.

crocheting blankets

How to choose between free crochet blanket patterns

If you know how to look, you can find thousands of awesome patterns free of charge online. We certainly know how to look, so trust us and our recommendations and you surely won’t be disappointed!

When you are about to choose a pattern, you need to consider a couple of factors.

Firstly, think about your skill level. As we already mentioned, even total newbies can try making their first blankets with the right instructions.

Try picking a simple pattern with a limited number of stitches. Go for something that won’t make you feel overwhelmed. Starting your journey with the classic granny squares is surely the way to go.

This collection of beginner crochet baby blankets is full of great options as well. Crochet baby blanket sizes are usually quite small, perfect for the beginning of your adventure with loops on the hook!

Are you a crocheter with a bit more experience? You can try stitches that will give you more texture. With time, you will progress and start experimenting with laces and mosaics.

What is another thing you want to think about while choosing a blanket pattern? The amount of time you have to complete the project, naturally! If you are in a rush to have a gift ready on time, do not worry. There are plenty of quick crochet blanket patterns to choose from online.

Are you not at all limited by time and in the mood for a long and rewarding project? Consider joining a crochet along. Some of them last many weeks and the satisfaction at the end cannot be described in words!

The size of your blanket is also important to consider. Larger and more complex ones will naturally take more of your precious time. When in doubt, try using a crochet blanket sizes chart for reference.

Best yarn for crochet blankets

The choice of yarn is usually a no-brainer. Your pattern should specify what kind of yarn you should get equipped with. Your yarn will determine your gauge and, at the same time, the final feel of the blanket.

Use worsted weight yarns for lighter blankets for summer and spring and super bulky ones for winter. We love bulky yarns because of that extra softness!

Breathable cotton yarns will feel light and wonderful in warmer weather. Acrylic ones will be more durable, more affordable, and warm.

blanket yarns

The most exciting part of any crochet project, if you ask us, is choosing the colors! The possibilities are endless in the area of blankets, bedspreads and throws. Some of them look awesome in single colors. Stripes and ombre color palettes are also popular choices for good reasons!

If you are after some extra fun, try a color-changing yarn. The ones by Lion Brand are surely worth recommending. The color effects, so easily achieved, will make your head spin.

What other supplies do you need to start? A crochet hook with the right size for your yarn weight and, ideally, a tapestry needle to finish your project. Stitch markers and measuring tapes are also useful accessories!

Best crochet border patterns for blankets

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