Easy Colorful Granny Squares – Free Crochet Patterns

Are you on the hunt for ideas for crochet granny squares? Yes! Spring and summer are surely the time of fresh beginnings and exciting new adventures. Today we are inviting you on a trip to the wonderful land of granny squares. Simplicity, charm, color! This is the essence of the patterns we have chosen for today. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Obviously! You will certainly have so much fun with this selection of Easy Colorful Crochet Granny Squares. Trust us! Check out the free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Easter Granny Squares Free Crochet Pattern

So easy and yet so beautiful! This collection of colorful granny squares will make every crochet newbie smile. Even if you are at the beginning of your crochet adventure, you can enjoy your first handmade blanket before Easter!

Level: beginner Author: Justina Kirkwood

The original pattern and the photos are on colourceilidhcrochet.com. More info on ravelry.com.

Four Point Butterfly Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

Create a beautiful afghan or a set of coasters with this lovely square pattern. You can join it with other granny squares or use it as a starting point for your blanket instead. Everything is up to you! The project is evidently easy enough for beginners and lets you try out many color combinations.

Level: beginner Author: Joanita Theron

The original pattern is on creativecrochetworkshop.com. More info on ravelry.com. Info about this version and the photo on ravelry.com.

The Skyline Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

Are you looking for original ideas for crochet blocks? You have evidently come to the right place! If you want to spice up your game in the sector of handmade blankets, bedspreads, and throws, this pattern by Komal Raj will be a great choice.

Level: beginner Author: Komal Raj

The original pattern and the photos are on crochetmia.com. More info on ravelry.com.

Spiral Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

Wonderful spirals! These juicy, beautifully combined colors are certainly making our heads spin. If someone in your life needs a touch of bold shades in their home, you should definitely think about crocheting them a granny square-based afghan by Stepsteps Crafts.

Level: beginner Author: Stepsteps Crafts

The original tutorial is on YouTube. More info and the photos on ravelry.com.

Yin Yang Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

It looks like we have found the perfect granny square! No matter your experience level, you can certainly try and master this pattern for a classic square and use it in your future projects. If you need more information, follow the work of sunshinenl_gallery.

Level: upper beginner Author: sunshinenl_gallery

The original tutorial is on brightbag.blogspot.com. More info and the photos on Instagram.

Gratitude Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

This is such an original granny square pattern! It has amazed us with lively colors and original form the minute we saw it. We definitely felt grateful when we saw  The Loopy Stitch sharing it with all the crocheters online! Will you try?

Level: upper beginner Author:  The Loopy Stitch

The original pattern and the photos are on theloopystitch.com. More info on ravelry.com.

Prismatic Circle Granny Square Motif Free Crochet Pattern

Colorful squares for your 2023 blankets! And afghans, bedspreads, pillows, and many more wonderful crochet projects! Learn this crochet pattern by Brittany Coughlin to start a very colorful journey in the world of yarn crafts.

Level: upper beginner Author: Brittany Coughlin

The original pattern and the photos are on justbcrafty.com. More info on ravelry.com.

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  1. I really love this granny square. It’s very unique and I’m going to try it today. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

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