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Lacy Crochet Edgings Free Patterns

Today we would like to talk about Lacy Crochet Edgings. Sometimes you`re working on a project for a long time and then comes a moment of hesitation. What about the border? With this in mind, we have decided to focus on the most beautiful ideas for borders today. The examples we have found are great because even a beginner can make them. Intricate and delicate lacy edgings are versatile and can be used to complete blankets, scarves, and also cardigans. Moreover, you can use them as decoration or applique on cushions, tablecloths, or tea towels to add some romantic look. Give it a go! Check out these free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

If you need more inspiration, check out our collections of Crochet Edging Ideas and Lace Flower Edging.

Lace Trim Free Crochet Pattern

This is an example of a very versatile pattern. You can use this genius design by Olga Poltava to give a beautiful finishing touch to your blankets or tablecloths, but also to crochet a set of bookmarks or a pretty shawl. How exciting is that? We love the color you see below but other shades would surely work here as well.

Level: upper beginner Author: Olga Poltava

Lacy Crochet Edging

The video tutorial is available on YouTube here. More info and the photos on Ravelry here.

Shabby Chic Lace Edging Trim Free Crochet Pattern

Here is one more example of brilliant multiuse patterns by Olga Poltava. This delicate lace edging is so spectacular and yet quite easy to learn. You can customize the sizes and use this wonder as a border for tablecloths or scarfs, or simply sew it onto a pillow or tea towel.

Level: upper beginner Author: Olga Poltava

White Lacy Crochet Edging


The original free pattern and the photos are available on here. More info is on Ravelry here.

Banksia Border Free Crochet Pattern

This is a beautiful lacy border with precious flower motifs. You can make it colorful or go with just one solid shade. This design will make a great border for baby blankets, but it will also spice up single squares. The photo below is vibrating with fresh charm, isn’t it? Dedri Uys has inspired us again!

Level: beginner Author: Dedri Uys

Crochet Border

The original free pattern and the photos are available on here. More info is on Ravelry here.

Playful Lace Scallop Edging Free Crochet Pattern

This photo proves that subtle laces go well with bold colors, without a doubt! This beautiful edging by Rachele Carmona can be added to anything – blankets, scarves, or even cardigans. It`s charming and delicate and it will definitely add some playfulness to your designs. Lacy crochet edgings are so inspiring!

Level: beginner Author:  Rachele Carmona

Scallop Crochet Edging

The original free pattern and the photos are available on here. More info is on Ravelry here.

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