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Learn How to Treble Crochet – A Beginner’s Guide

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Time to explore tall stitches! Every beginner should know at least a few of them to be able to work on different types of projects. Treble crochet is certainly the most popular and simplest stitch of this family. In this guide, you will learn everything a beginner needs to know, along with a helpful tutorial on how to make this stitch.

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Are there any alternative names for Treble crochet

Before we begin, first we should settle the question of terminology.

Treble crochet stitch comes under a different name in some countries. This difference in naming results from the variation in crochet terminology between American and British standards. Therefore, you may happen to see the same stitch as:

  • treble crochet / triple crochet stitch – US
  • double treble crochet – UK

Every time you start working on a pattern, it’s crucial to identify which terms you’re following to avoid confusion. For the sake of clarity, from now on we will only use American names in the article.

What is the purpose of using a treble crochet stitch

Treble crochet is taller than both single and double crochet stitches. It allows you to create fabric with a more open and airy construction. Therefore, whenever you’re searching for a looser weave or more drape in your projects, this stitch is your best option. Plus, you can use it to achieve a variety of textures.

What is the difference between treble crochet and double crochet

The difference is the amount of yarn overs and height you are creating. For instance, to work a treble crochet, you do two yarn overs before you insert the hook into the stitch. Meanwhile, for double crochet, you yarn over just once. This additional yarn-over is what makes the treble crochet taller.

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What is treble crochet good for

You already know what a treble crochet is. That leaves the question of what projects you can use it in. Let’s find out!

  • Can I use treble crochet for creating clothing or accessories?

Yes, in fact, tons of them! This type of stitch works great for making lightweight summer shawls, tops, or even sweaters. Its extra height and looser texture offer an elegant drape, desired for many garments.

  • Can I use treble crochet for creating a blanket or afghan?

Treble crochet is a good option for blankets and afghans. If you are looking to make a project with an elegant, airy texture, go for this stitch. Moreover, it’s faster to work up a single row of treble crochet than shorter stitches.  This way you will finish large projects such as blankets much faster.

  • Can I use treble crochet for amigurumi projects?

While it is less common, it is possible. Amigurumi prefers tight, dense stitches which would prevent the stuffing from peeking through. However, you can use treble stitches for decorative accents or amigurumi parts where a looser weave is desired.

How to Treble Crochet – Online Tutorial

Mastering new techniques is a breeze when you have the right resources at hand. Luckily, you don’t have to look far! The How To Do A Treble Crochet Stitch tutorial offers clear, step-by-step instructions with helpful photo visuals. This guide is ideal for beginners who’d like to add this stitch to their repertoire.

If you prefer video tutorials, see the one below.

Haven’t mastered the basic stitches yet? Make sure to check out:


Treble crochet is a versatile and essential stitch every beginner crocheter should know. With its use, you will be able to create everything from airy shawls and summer lace garments to lightweight blankets. Given some practice and patience, it will become a valuable crochet skill.


How do I read a pattern that includes treble crochet stitches?

Depending on the terminology used in a given pattern, treble crochets are marked as “tr” (US) or “dtr” (UK). Patterns always instruct you on how and where to create crochet stitches as well as how many to create.

What is the best type of yarn to use for treble crochet?

The best yarn to use depends on what you are working on. DK or sport yarn is suitable for garments and delicate items. Worsted or bulky yarns, on the other hand, are perfect for blankets and warmer accessories. Choose your yarn based on the desired drape and texture.

How do I increase and decrease stitches while doing treble crochet?

You make an increase by working more than one treble crochet into the same stitch. To decrease, you need to treble crochet in the first stitch. But before making the last yarn over, pull up a loop, then wrap the yarn twice for another treble and complete the stitch.

Are there any tips for keeping my treble crochet stitches even and consistent?

You can practice your yarn overs and pulls through the loops with similar pressure. Another technique is to use a stitch marker to indicate where you began your project. This will ensure that your rows or rounds all start and end correctly.

How do I fix mistakes in my treble crochet work?

If you make a mistake, you may undo your stitches as far back as the error occurred. You may reuse the yarn with a crochet hook to pick up the loops and re-stitch the stitches properly.

Can I combine treble crochet with other crochet stitches to create unique patterns?

Mixing treble crochet with shorter stitches like the single or double crochet can produce intriguing textures and configurations. To see what works best, experiment with various patterns and combinations.

How do I create a treble crochet border for my project?

Work the border by evenly placing crochet stitches on the edge of your project, including stitches on the corners. This technique can replace or complement blocking, giving the garment or blanket a neat look and better structure.

How do I adjust the tension of my Treble crochet stitches?

You can improve your tension by practicing and paying attention to how tightly you pull on the thread and loops. Ergonomic hooks will help avoid getting your hands tired, which can affect the tension.

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