Close-up of hands demonstrating a Triple Treble Crochet Stitch tutorial with pink yarn and a wooden crochet hook, showing detailed stitches in progress.

How to Triple Treble Crochet – Tutorial For Beginners

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Let me introduce you to one of the tallest crocheting stitches – triple treble crochet. If you’ve found the double trebles lacy so far, this stitch gets even more height. Here you can boost your crochet game and learn how to crochet it. Keep reading to acquire another essential crochet skill!

If you are new to tall crochet stitches, start with these tutorials:

What is a triple treble crochet

The triple treble crochet (trtr) is a towering stitch in the crochet world. The additional yarn overs extend it further than the more commonly used stitches. The best way to visualize it is to imagine it as a skyscraper among houses. It is that extra height that gives triple treble projects a distinctive texture and openness.

For triple treble, make four yarn overs before inserting the hook in the stitch. By doing so, you will get a long and slender post. If you are already familiar with tall crochet stitches, mastering triple trebles will take you only a moment.

How is a triple treble crochet different from a regular treble crochet

The triple treble crochet stands out from its cousin, the regular treble crochet (tr), by two additional yarn overs. While for treble crochet you wrap the yarn twice around the hook, the triple treble needs four yarn overs.

This difference doesn’t just add height. It also brings a unique drape to the fabric. Therefore, it’s ideal for projects where you need a delicate touch.

Hands holding a small swatch of pink knitted fabric, showcasing a detailed triple treble crochet stitch pattern.

Can I use a triple treble crochet to create lace or openwork designs

The triple treble crochet is a marvel for lace and openwork designs. Its ample height and open structure make it a prime choice for creating airy, delicate fabrics.

Whether you plan to make a summer shawl or an elegant table runner, the triple treble stitch will do the work.

How to Triple Treble Crochet – Full Guide

For those eager to master this stitch, I recommend checking out the Master Triple Treble Crochet in 10 Minutes. This resource is perfect for beginners. It provides step-by-step instructions to ensure easy success.

The video guide below will help you perfect the stitch.

How do I make a foundation chain for a triple treble crochet

The foundation chain for a triple treble crochet should be proportionate to the stitch’s height. Generally, you would start with a chain that exceeds your standard single or double crochet foundation by several stitches. The exact number depends on your project and tension.

Turning chain for a triple treble crochet

The triple treble turning chain should include six chain stitches.

Are there any tips for keeping my triple treble crochet stitches even

Consistency is key with triple trebles. Ensure your yarn tension remains steady throughout your project. Practicing the stitch can help you find a rhythm and tension that works best for you, leading to more uniform stitches.

If you are a beginner, make sure to learn basic crochet stitches:


Mastering the triple treble crochet stitch will take your crocheting skills to the next level. Whether your next project will be a lacy summer shawl or a delicate doily, this stitch will turn them into true masterpieces!


What is the abbreviation for triple treble crochet in crochet patterns?

Triple treble is abbreviated as “trtr” in crochet patterns.

Can I use a triple treble crochet in combination with other stitches?

Yes, you can. Combining triple treble crochets with other stitches can add texture and visual interest to your projects. Try these variations:

  • front post triple treble crochet
  • back post triple treble crochet
  • triple treble v-stitch

Are there any alternative names for triple treble crochet?

Some crafters might refer to it as a quadruple treble crochet, especially in different regions or older patterns.

What are the most common mistakes beginners make when attempting a triple treble crochet?

Beginners often struggle with keeping their tension consistent and managing the multiple yarn overs without dropping them. These mistakes may lead to uneven stitches. However, you can eliminate them quickly with regular practice.

Are there any special techniques for working with multiple colors in a triple treble crochet?

Yes, there are. You can create striking colorwork by changing colors at the beginning of a new row or even within a row.

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