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Double Treble Crochet – Easy Stitch Tutorial

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As you enter the world of openwork crochet patterns, make sure to master the double treble crochet. This stitch is an excellent way to add height and texture to any design. The following tutorial will explain its uses and give you tips on how to double treble crochet.

If you haven’t mastered any tall stitches yet, Learn How To Treble Crochet with our beginner’s guide.

What is a double treble crochet

A double treble crochet falls into the category of tall crochet stitches. To put it simply – it’s the next stitch in line if we consider the height. Therefore, it’s taller than regular trebles. With double treble crochets, you will produce a long, open, highly textured fabric.

How is a double treble crochet different from a regular treble crochet

When working double treble crochets you need to yarn over 3 times before you insert the hook in the stitch. Treble crochet stitches, on the other hand, go with only 2 yarn overs.

What effect does this have on the crocheted fabric? When compared to regular treble crochets, double trebles are taller and looser. As a result, you get a fabric with wider spaces and better flexibility.

A small piece of purple crochet work with a crochet hook and strands of yarn on a white surface.

When should I use a double treble crochet in my project

Double treble crochet is a useful stitch in the crochet world. With its open and airy fabric, it’s suitable for a variety of projects. Here’s what you might want to use this stitch for:

Lightweight Garments: Warm-weather garments should be open and airy. Double treble crochets create a lovely see-through fabric that is very lightweight, ideal for a lacy shawl, scarf, or summer top.

Fast Projects: Treble stitches are taller so they work up faster than shorter stitches. When you don’t have time and want quick results, use this stitch for Afghans and blankets.

Decorative Elements: Its unique appearance will add elegance to your projects. Use this stitch to work a blanket border or create delicate lace tablecloths and doilies.

Flexible Fabric: The loose weave of the double treble stitches offers flexibility. This makes it suitable for items that require a bit of stretch, such as hats.

Adding Length Quickly: When your project needs a sudden increase in length without working multiple rows, go for this stitch. It works great for adding space and creates a nice draping effect.

To sum up, double treble stitches are best suited for light lacy projects designed for spring and summer. This is why they will work great when making airy blankets, breathable garments, and intricate home decorations.

How To Double Treble Crochet

If you cannot wait to add this stitch to your repertoire, check out the Double Treble Crochet: The Ultimate Guide + Video. Detailed written instructions come with photo visuals so you can make your first double treble step by step. Whether you are a newbie or a more experienced crocheter, this tutorial is worth a look.

Start practicing with this simple video guide:


Can I use a double treble crochet in combination with other stitches

Double treble stitches are beautiful on their own. However, if you’d like to spice up your projects with some unique textures, consider using these stitch variations:

  • Front Post Double Treble Crochet (FPdtr)
  • Back Post Double Treble Crochet (BPdtr)
  • Extended Double Treble Crochet
  • Cluster Stitch Double Treble Crochet

Learning how these types of crochet stitches work is a great way to have even more fun with your new skill and future projects.

Are there any common mistakes to watch out for when working a double treble crochet

Watch out for these common pitfalls when double treble crocheting:

  • losing count of yarn overs – leading to inconsistent stitch heights;
  • working the stitches too loosely – this can result in an overly open fabric;
  • skipping stitches – it can cause unwanted gaps in the fabric.

Paying close attention to the number of yarn wraps and maintaining consistent tension is key to achieving uniform stitches.


The double treble crochet is definitely worth exploring for those who would like to work on beautiful lace designs. This stitch will add depth and complexity to your crochet projects while making them open-stitched and wonderfully textured.

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Can I substitute a double treble crochet for a different stitch?

Substituting double trebles with a different stitch can change the texture, look, and strength of the resulting square. Consider how to replace a different stitch without changing its appearance for the end goal before doing so.

What is the abbreviation for double treble crochet in written patterns?

The abbreviation of the double treble crochet in written patterns is dtr.

How many loops should I have on my hook when working a double treble crochet?

If you are working a dtr, your hook should have four loops once you insert it into a stitch.

Can I decrease using a double treble crochet?

Yes, you can. Decreasing with a double treble crochet is easy. To make a decrease, work two or more dtr stitches together. The dtr2tog is less used but a common one for shaping and reducing the size of your crochet work.

How do I increase using a double treble crochet?

Make an increase by working several dtr stitches into the same stitch or space. When increasing you can add width or introduce new elements to your pattern.

Can I work a double treble crochet in the round?

The double treble stitch is extremely versatile and well-suited for working in the round. This method allows for the easy creation of circular items such as hats, doilies, or round afghans.

How do I finish off a row of double treble crochet?

Ensure you complete the row with the final dtr stitch. Then cut the yarn leaving a tail, and weave in the end for a clean finish.

Can I use a double treble crochet in lace patterns?

The double trebles make an excellent choice for lace patterns. They have a tall, open structure that will make your design delicate and breathable. Use them to make a shawl, summer top, tablecloth, or other home decor.

Are there any special techniques or tips for working a double treble crochet?

Consistent yarn tension and the right number of yarn overs are vital for any project with double trebles. Practice your stitches using helpful tutorials to improve your technique.

How many chains do I need to start a row of double treble crochet?

A row of double treble crochet typically begins with a turning chain consisting of five chain stitches. It serves as the first dtr stitch of the row.

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