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Best Yarn for Knitting Machines

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Have you already found the best yarn for your knitting machine? Or are you still thinking about starting your adventure with machine knitting? In this post, we will try to explain why we are so into it ourselves and jump straight to our favorite yarns right after. You will surely find some helpful knitting tips here, no matter if you already have the machine of your dreams or are still wondering if this kind of knitting is right for you (trust us, it is!). We are certainly not telling you to forget about your good old needles, but just to try something new! Machine knitting is faster and so much fun! And it is perfect for when your hands and wrists are feeling a bit tired. We promise you will love it once you try it. And we will help you find the best yarn for the knitting machine you choose. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Let’s explore! Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for free crochet and knitting patterns and creative ideas!

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What is a Knitting Machine?

As we already mentioned, a knitting machine is a fun alternative to traditional needles. This mechanical device consists of a bed of needles that move up and down to interlace yarn and create knitted fabrics. Yarn lovers will surely enjoy adding this technique to their repertoire, no matter if they are experienced knitters already or have never tried working with needles. Knitting machines have two major benefits – they let you work much faster and do not tire your hands and wrists. You can make all kinds of pieces on your knitting machine – very intricate, detailed stitches are the only thing achievable only with needles.

Knitting Machines – Circular or Flat Bed?

We use machines to knit different types of projects in flat or tubular forms. While buying your machine, you need to decide between different types – circular and flat bed are the most popular. The first kind is used mainly for tubular pieces without seams, and the second for flat knitting. There are devices available for all budgets, so you don’t need to invest a lot at the beginning of your adventure. No matter the type of your machine, you will be able to work on a wide range of projects. If you dream about handmade clothing items like sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, and socks, pick a circular machine. If you want to focus more on more complex projects or household textiles like blankets, throws, and rugs, go for flat bed.

Best Yarn for Knitting Machine

You must remember that every knitting machine supports a specific range of yarn weights. Make sure that the wonders you have in your yarn stash meet the requirements of your machine! Luckily, there are machines on the market today that give you plenty of flexibility when it comes to yarn weights. No need to stress, just stay informed! Lighter-weight yarns, such as lace and fingering, will give you delicate and fine fabrics, while heavier-weight yarns, such as worsted and bulky, are used for warm and thick projects.

You can use a wide variety of fibers, including the most popular ones: wool, cotton, and acrylic. Yarns with wool and acrylic blends are great for knitting machines, durable, and easy to care for. Natural fibers like cotton or linen feel great on your skin and are more breathable. Always consider the pros and cons of different materials before you start working on your next knitting project! Patterns usually include great tips.

Best Yarn for Knitting Machine – Our Top Picks

Lion Brand Pound of Love® Yarn

Every crocheter and knitter is certainly familiar with Lion Brand and their wonderful yarns. This premium worsted-weight one is truly great for knitting machines – it guarantees a smooth and fast process. On top of that, it is super soft, easy to care for and so economical! One little ball goes a long way, trust us.


lion brand yarn

Lion Brand Landscapes® Yarn

Another great option from Lion Brand! This one is for all the knitters that like to go crazy with colors. This self-striping, premium acrylic yarn has a wonderful feel and will let you turn your projects into real works of art.

lion brand yarn

Caron Simply Soft Yarn

This super versatile worsted yarn is a great option for all kinds of knitting projects. If you knit a lot both with needles and machines, you should probably stock up on it!   It is 100% acrylic, has a lovely shiny finish and is easy to care for. Durable too!

caron yarn

I Love This Cotton!

If you are looking specifically for cotton yarn, this one will glide through your machine like a dream! It is affordable and available in a range of beautiful colors. If you have been afraid of machine knitting with cotton yarn, you will be presently surprised!


cotton yarn

Bernat Velvet

Are you dreaming of warm and chunky handmade blankets? Get a knitting machine and some velvet yarn from Bernat and you will have plenty of them in no time. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? This yarn is almost too soft ot be true.

velvet yarn
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