Hands crocheting pink yarn with a double crochet hook.

How to Double Crochet – Easy Guide For Beginners

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Double crochet falls into the category of basic crochet stitches every crocheter should know. If you’re a beginner, make sure to learn how to make this stitch. You will find it in multiple types of crochet patterns – be it a blanket, scarf, or garment.

What is double crochet and how is it different from single crochet

These two common crochet stitches are the first skills mastered by beginners. However, each one of them has a different construction and serves a slightly different function.

Double crochet is twice as tall as a single crochet. Therefore, it can add more texture to your project. Because of their increased height, double crochets result in a fabric that is not as dense as when worked with single crochets. This makes it a perfect choice for lightweight garments.

To learn more about the single crochet stitch go to Single Crochet – Everything You Need To Know As A Beginner.

Can I use double crochet to make a blanket or afghan

Crocheting with double crochets is much quicker than with single crochets. As a result, it is often used in blanket patterns allowing for a sped-up result and added texture. This stitch creates bigger spaces giving the fabric a lighter feel. Moreover, it comes into play when making granny squares, from which you can form beautiful afghans.

Blankets made with double crochet are particularly suitable for the spring-summer season. However, it’s not said that using this stitch you can’t make a warm blanket for cuddling up on cold winter evenings. Just go for a thicker yarn!

A close-up of a person's hands crocheting with pink yarn using a double crochet stitch and a wooden crochet hook.

Can double crochet be used for amigurumi

Double crochet is not the most common option for making amigurumi. These cute stuffed toys are typically done with a single crochet to create a tight, dense fabric. This way we ensure that the filling doesn’t peek out through the eyelets.

However, amigurumi tend to be dressed in crochet clothes that need a more pronounced texture. These elements are worked with double crochets much more often.

What is the best type of yarn to use for double crochet projects

When it comes to choosing the right yarn, it all depends on what you want to produce. As a beginner crocheter, you will be well served by medium-weight yarns. These yarns are appropriate for pretty much any crocheting project: clothing, blankets, and home items.

Is it necessary to count stitches when working in double crochet

Stitch count is crucial when working with any crochet stitch. If you want your work to achieve the desired look, make sure that you have the exact amount of stitches as given in the pattern. By making too many stitches in a row, your design may turn out too large – or too small when you make too few stitches.

How to Make a Double Crochet Stitch

Ready to add double crochet to your skill set? For a comprehensive guide check out How To Do A Double Crochet [Video for Beginners]. It includes useful tips and photo instructions to help you learn this stitch very quickly.

If you prefer video guidance, see the step-by-step video tutorial below.

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What is the purpose of a turning chain in double crochet?

The turning chain serves as a stitch that compensates for the stitch not worked in the previous row. It’s used to elevate the work to the proper height for the next row and balance out the edges. It acts as the first stitch of the new row.

How do I create a ribbed effect using double crochet?

For a ribbed effect use a front post double crochet followed by a back post double crochet on each row. This method evenly distributes the yarn on both sides of the fabric, resulting in a ribbed pattern.

What is the proper way to weave in ends in double crochet?

To properly weave in ends, thread the tail through a tapestry needle and weave it into the backside of several stitches. Ensure you leave enough yarn at the end to secure the yarn without altering the project’s visual appeal.

How do I change colors in a double crochet project?

To change colors, begin the color switch at the end of a row. Pull the new color through during the final yarn over in the last double crochet stitch. Make sure to leave about 5 cm of the yarn tail for a smooth color transition and easy weave-in.

Are there any special techniques for working in the round with double crochet?

When working in the round, employ a slip stitch to join each round. To start a new round use a chain that matches the height of a double crochet stitch. Such an approach assures that your rounds start and end consistently.

How do I create a border or edging in double crochet?

For this type of crochet border, it’s essential to evenly distribute your stitches along the project’s edges. What’s even more important is to add extra stitches in each corner. This method ensures the border remains flat and even, significantly enhancing the overall appearance of your work.

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