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Hello there, craft lovers! Welcome to the magical kingdom of loom knitting and the Best Knitting Looms! We have recently talked about Best Knitting Needles (if you have missed that somehow, we definitely recommend catching up!), but today, we are exploring a totally different topic. In this post, you will find some precious tips on how to choose the best knitting looms as well as a decent portion of valuable knowledge about this technique for beginners. Let’s dive in! The fantastic land of knitting is huge and so diverse – there are so many things we can all still learn and have plenty of fun with. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for free crochet and knitting patterns and creative ideas!

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What Is Loom Knitting?

Loom knitting is a super interesting and fun alternative to knitting with needles. There is so much to love about it! Firstly, it is definitely easier on your wrists and hands. Secondly, it can often be faster than traditional needle knitting. And finally, it is unbelievably easy to learn, not only for adults but for your little ones too!

Loom knitting lets us create even and smooth fabrics in an uncomplicated, efficient, and very pleasant process. You can make numerous projects like blankets, jumpers, hats, and scarves. With the right types of knitting looms, you can create intricate shawls, all kinds of cables, mittens, socks, and even toys. If you have never tried this awesome technique before and you are feeling a bit lost, don’t hesitate! Choose your first knitting loom today and let the adventure begin.

Types of Knitting Looms

There are plenty of sizes, shapes, and materials to go through while choosing the best knitting looms for your needs. Don’t get overwhelmed though! We have got you covered. The shape of your loom and the number and size of pegs are crucial for the final effect of your knitting, that’s why you need to make sure you have the right tools for the patterns you have on your to-try list.

Here are the most popular options:


  • round looms
  • long looms
  • adjustable looms (can be used both as round and long looms)
  • modular looms (customizable)


  • fine
  • small
  • regular
  • chunky

How to Choose a Knitting Loom?

Are you going to focus on single knitting, double knitting, or both? Will you knit flat or in the round? These are the questions you need to answer before you choose your looms. Go for the option that gives you the biggest comfort and the most flexibility! Any loom can be used for single knitting in flat panels – we are thinking of blankets, dishcloths, or scarves here. For socks, gloves, cowls, and other tubular shapes, you will need round looms with specific numbers of pegs. Double knitting is a totally different story – it requires long looms or knitting boards with two rows of pegs and a space in between them.

As you already know, looms come with different numbers, sizes, and spacing of pegs. There are many adjustable ones too! While picking your tools, you should definitely think about your desired gauge. While thin, closely spaced pegs will give you fine fabrics, using larger ones will result in bulky knits. You also need to remember that one peg always holds one stitch, therefore you need to have enough pegs on your loom if you are going for projects that require many stitches.

The patterns you work on usually tell you what looms to use and what kind of yarn to pick for them, so go through the patterns of your dreams before you buy your first loom. You will have a clearer idea of what your needs are!

Knitting Looms – Our Top Picks

Authentic Knitting Board Afghan Loom

Are you planning to knit a lot of afghans, blankets and throws? This lightweight loom made of smooth plastic is going to become your best friend for sure. It is a regular gauge type shaped like the letter S. You will be able to use many stitches and knit pieces up to 60″ wide. What’s not to love?


Authentic Knitting Board Adjustable Multi-Knit Loom

You are in for some serious fun with this one! The modular loom gives you all the flexibility you need to make your wildest knitting dreams come true. You can adjust the shape to match every single project, chunky or thin! This option works both with single and double knitting.


Authentic Knitting Board Flexee Loom

Here is one more option that gives you plenty of room for creativity! This loom can take any shape you need it to take, so you will never be limited while choosing patterns. You can customize this small gauge loom using up to 96 pegs. There is of course also the option to create a couple of smaller looms with this set. Sky is the limit!


Tulip I-Cord Knitter Machine

Let us finish this post with something extra, shall we? This is definitely not a traditional knitting loom or a traditional craft tool of any kind. It is something special! The machine creates i-cords for your projects in the blink of an eye. Effortless and easy!

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  1. I purchased several kinds of looms a few years ago. I never really got into them and didn’t know much about each one. I have been watching you tube for a couple of weeks and with all your help now I will use them. I like when they said it was fun and relaxing! Now I know how to use them and I have a bulky loom and plenty of beautiful bulky yarn . Thanks for all your help!!

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