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The Best Free Crochet Blanket Patterns – Our Selection

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Every passionate crafter wants to learn how to crochet blankets at some point in their adventure with yarns and crochet hooks.

Have you already read our article about crocheting blankets? It is full of tips and tricks for crocheters, especially those looking to make their first crochet blanket. We have mentioned many benefits of crocheting in case you still didn’t know why you love it so much!

Crocheting a blanket can be explained in simple steps. First, you look for inspiration and try to find the perfect pattern. After that, you gather the supplies – yarns, hooks, stitch markers, a tapestry needle, and a measuring tape.

One you have everything you need to make a blanket, you simply follow the instructions step by step. You will end up with rows of beautiful stitches, that’s for sure! If you make a mistake, use slip stitching to make your masterpiece perfect again.

At this point, the only thing left to do is finish your blanket. How? By weaving in the remaining ends and adding a crochet blanket border. We believe that crochet borders and edgings are just as fascinating as crochet afghan patterns themselves!

The last thing you need to do is simply enjoy your new handmade accessory! And if you choose the right pattern and follow it, we can promise your blanket will bring you pure joy. You must be asking yourself: how to choose the right pattern?

Find the free patterns below and don’t forget to follow us in our Facebook Group and Pinterest for creative ideas!

Crochet Blanket Free Patterns. How to Choose?

There is a couple of things to take into account while deciding between free crochet patterns for blankets.

You need to be aware of your skill level and brave enough to learn new things!

Pick a pattern that will let you hone your skills. Be careful not to start something too complex though! You don’t want to get overwhelmed and discouraged.

All the patterns we share on our site mention the skill level. Most crochet designers make sure to clearly state it on their websites as well.

Beginner friendly crochet blankets are usually quick to make as well. Go for one if you need to have a handmade gift ready in time. For a birthday party or a baby shower, for example! A small blanket size is your friend in these cases as well.

More advanced crochet patterns for blankets are extremely rewarding. They usually take some time to complete but they are worth every second. We always encourage our readers to be ambitious and reach for the stars!

Consider different weight yarns and colors you have in your stash. This way you will not waste a single scrap of yarn!

Think about the seasons, the occasions, and the people you are crocheting for. There are plenty of light crochet blankets perfect for summer and spring and even more snuggly and warm blankets for winter. And don’t even get us started on the magical kingdom of crochet baby blankets! All we will say is that it is full of treasures.

Best Free Crochet Blanket Patterns – Our Selection

We know that the number and diversity of free crochet patterns for blankets available online can be scary. Trust us, we still sometimes feel like there are too many options to choose from. And we have been doing this for years and years!

To make choosing easier, we have created this selection of patterns and video tutorial sets for you. Each of the posts linked below is full of wonders. Start exploring and you will know exactly what we mean!

Dreamy Textured Blankets

You will not believe how delightful these textures feel! We are always amazed when basic crochet blanket stitches give us such awesome effects.

Textured crochet blankets are great both for children and adults. The little ones find them especially fun!

There are plenty of techniques to learn here: puff stitches, different squares, and even the tulip stitch. This is a selection of patterns for all levels of experience.

textured crochet blankets

Amazing Crochet Bedspreads

We are really not saying too much when we call these croche bedspreads amazing!

Most squares in these patterns have flower centers. They can of course be crocheted in various color combinations. Some variations may include white frames around the flowers, but this can change according to your preference.

If you choose the right color combinations here, the effects will blow your mind!

The granny squares can be used to create either a bedspread or a baby blanket by adjusting the number of blocks. The edging of each blanket can be kept simple, for example with a ribbed border or a crab stitch border.

You can also choose something more intricate.  There are many decorative crochet border patterns. A lacy border or a picot border are our top choices in many cases!

crochet bedspreads

Tunisian Crochet Blankets

If you have already mastered easy crochet blanket stitches, it is time to taste Tunisian crochet!

Do you have some experience with it already? Be sure to check out this set of patterns for some new ideas.

If you haven’t yet tried Tunisian crochet, it’s time to explore it. This technique involves using a unique crochet hook that gives you an effect similar to knitting.

Tunisian Crochet Blankets

Modern Filet Blankets

This is such a fun technique to learn and play with! It requires some experience, patience, and skill, but we are sure you are ready for it.

Filet crochet is an old and sophisticated technique. It used to be popular mostly for curtains or tablecloths. But you can create beautiful blankets with it as well, trust us!

In filet crochet, we create rows of double crochet stitches that form small “windows”. By thoughtfully arranging these “windows” and “solid spaces”, you can generate intricate patterns or even graphical images.

filet crochet blankets

Soft and Cozy Crochet Baby Blankets

This selection is a must-have for parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. You need the right crochet baby blanket patterns to meet your little one’s needs. Just look at these beautiful stitches and pastel colors!

Soft and Cozy Baby Blankets

Funky Triangles

Some crafters prefer traditional projects and classic designs, while others like to go crazy!

If you belong to the second group, this selection of blankets based on colorful triangles is for you. These shapes and colors are so energizing!

Colorful triangels

Mosaic Blankets

The kingdom of mosaic crochet blanket patterns is huge and full of wonders! This technique can seem difficult, we know. After all, how can something that looks so complex and amazing come to life easily? It turns out it can and it actually happens often.

We are happy to let you know that even beginners can learn how to crochet mosaic blankets. At least some of them are easy enough for newbies!

Mosaic Pattern Blankets

Irish Lace Afghans

Crochet Irish lace afghans are truly unique!

It is worth knowing that the roots of Irish crochet lace go back to the nineteenth century.  It was an imitation of Venetian lace which was considered a luxury at the time.

Decorative motifs of Irish lace were found on wedding dresses, christening robes, and even in churches. Nowadays, this crochet technique can be used for a wide range of projects, blankets included.

If you choose the right border stitch, edging will make your blanket even more decorative.

Irish Lace Afghans

Modern Tunisian Blankets

Here are some more ideas and inspirations for the fans of Tunisian crochet! This time, they are modern and minimalist.

There are a lot of beginner friendly patterns in this set. Will you use bold colors or delicate pastels?

Modern Tunisian Crochet Blankets

Quick and Simple Baby Blankets

If you want to practice basic stitches, this set of easy crochet baby blanket patterns is perfect for you!

More experienced crafters will be able to relax in front of the TV while working on these patterns. They are so simple and repetitive that they will become second nature to you!

 Simple Baby Blankets

The Best 2023 CALs

Do you already  know what a crochet along is? If you haven’t taken part in one, it is time to try!

You will join a community of crafters and crochet wonderful blankets with them. The patterns are divided into parts. Authors publish them regularly over a period of time. Sharing your final effects with other yarn lovers is so rewarding!

2023 CALs

Multicolor Granny Square Blankets

We love granny squares with all our hearts and will probably never stop raving about them. The blankets in this set are not only based on this popular technique but also too colorful to be true!

Would you rather go for more delicate colors? You can spice up your granny crochet blanket with a shell crochet border. Or try another border of your choice, of course!

 Granny Square Blankets

Amazing Hexagon Blankets

Have you already made hundreds of squares in your crochet career? We understand that you might be looking for something new! Hexagons are less popular but certainly have just as much potential as squares.

Hexagon Blankets

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