Beautiful Textured Baby Blankets

10+ Textured Baby Blanket Ideas and Free Crochet Patterns

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Textured crochet stitches are perfect for patterns for sweet baby blankets. They provide children with a sensory experience that is certainly crucial in their early development. In addition, different color combinations also promote visual skills. If you want some inspiration then take a look at these Beautiful Textured Baby Blankets because they are truly adorable. Whether for your own addition or as a baby shower gift these blankets are definitely worth the effort. Moreover, you can whip them up in no time because most of these patterns use basic stitches. These blankets will keep your children nice and cozy at night as well as while out and about. They will also make a perfect play mat for tummy time. Check out these patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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free crochet baby blanket patterns

1. Striped Suzette Stitch Baby Blanket

If you’re into textured blankets, but don’t want the pattern to be overwhelming, Suzette stitch will be perfect for you. This easy crochet technique produces a delicate structure and looks great in multicolored designs. As you can see, Dana went for colorful stripes and finished the blanket off with a simple white edging.

Level: beginner Author: Dana Nield

photo by Dana Nield /

Find this pattern on, or

2. Preemie Blanket

If you thought that baby blankets are fast to make, this preemie one will be done in a blink of an eye! Premature babies need blankets too, but even smaller ones. This project by Susanna, however, can be easily modified to suit your needs. Simply repeat the pattern to make it as big or small as you need.

Level: beginner Author: Susanna Biaye

photo by Susanna Biaye /

Find this pattern on, or

3. Brick Style Crochet Ombre Baby Blanket 

Create a beautiful texture with only a few basic stitches. This mint color ombre certainly suits both girls and boys and will also bring a pop of color to any nursery.

Level: beginner Author: Heather Gibbs

Crochet Ombre Baby Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Crochet Patterns 09. More info on Ravelry.

4. Hydrangea Baby Blanket 

Like a stunning hydrangea flower, this blanket has a great structure that amazes everyone. It`s soft and squishy and it will surely be an ideal stroller blanket as well as a textured play mat. Amanda Saladin nailed it!

Level: beginner Author: Amanda Saladin

Crochet Baby Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Love Life Yarn. More info on Ravelry.

5. Vanilla Blush Baby Blanket 

The wave stitch gives a beautiful, soft texture to this simple blanket. It works nicely in neutral shades, but if you want a pop of color, choose a brighter combination! Carmen Heffernan will guide you. Trust her! We do!

Level: upper beginner Author: Carmen Heffernan

Baby Blanket
The original pattern and the photos are on Annie Design Crochet. More info on Ravelry.

6. Sedge Stitch Baby Afghan

This combination of blues looks soothing and adorable. It has a great and squishy texture and will definitely make a perfect baby gift. Crochet 365 Knit Too always impresses us with genius crochet patterns for blankets!

Level: upper beginner Author: Crochet 365 Knit Too

Sedge Stitch Baby Afghan

The original pattern and the photos are on Crochet 365 Knit Too. More info on Ravelry.

7. Crochet Big Cables Blanket

Dappled yarn and gradient colors show off beautiful cables in this one-of-a-kind pattern by Yarnspirations Design Studio. This soft blanket will certainly be a perfect accessory for your children’s lovely bedroom.

Level: intermediate Author: Yarnspirations Design Studio

Crochet Big Cables Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Yarnspirations. More info on Ravelry.

8. Oyster Shell Blanket

Neutral colors definitely show off the texture of this wonderful blanket. However, if you prefer something bright or stripy, go for it! It will be a hit, no matter what you do. We love crochet patterns by Hannah Cross so much! And textured crochet blankets of all kinds, obviously!

Level: upper beginner Author: Hannah Cross

Oyster Shell Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on HanJan Crochet. More info on Ravelry

9. The Maura Blankie

Not only chevrons but also different yarns such as soft boucle create a unique texture here. This crochet blanket will make an adorable accessory for a cot or a pram as well as a great baby gift. Melanie Depcinski rocks!

Level: upper beginner Author: Melanie Depcinski

Pastel Baby Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Counting Crafty Sheep. More info on Ravelry.

10. Baby Feet Blanket

This is a simple yet evidently creative way of using textured stitches! We admire this idea by Raidys Crochet Corner, without a doubt! Pastel yellow bobbles look so delightful here, right? Imagine how delightful they must feel! Ah, we love textured crochet blankets!

Level: beginner Author: Raidys Crochet Corner

Blue Baby Blanket

This pattern has been discontinued. More info on Ravelry.

11. Le Ciel Bleu Blanket 

This super colorful, bubbly border is surely at the center of our attention here! You can easily make this lovely blanket bigger or smaller as well as crochet it in single color only. Chantal Barnett will guide you through this exciting process!

Level: beginner Author: Chantal Barnett

Baby Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Yarnique. More info on Ravelry.

12. Butterfly Kisses Baby Blanket 

This baby blanket is out of this world! We absolutely adore this delicious cocktail of colors. Perfect for nurseries and little ones’ bedrooms! Can you imagine how the texture of this wonder must feel? Use soft yarn!

Level: upper beginner Author: Michael Sellick

Colorful Baby Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on The Crochet Crowd. More info on Ravelry.

13. Bella Baby Blanket 

A delightful new pattern by Burgundy and Blush! Grab the hook and get crocheting, you know it always turns out amazing! Every crocheter who likes learning new stitches and edgings should follow the work of this skillful author.

Level: upper beginner Author: Burgundy and Blush

Crochet Baby Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Burgundy & Blush. More info on Ravelry.

14. Dragon Scales Baby Blanket

This crochet pattern just released by Kim Guzman from Make it Crochet has the potential to become legendary! We all know how popular and in-demand dragon scale stitches are. What colors will you use for this version of this baby blanket?

Level: upper beginner Author: Kim Guzman

Dragon Scales Baby Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Make it Crochet. More info on Ravelry.

Easy Breezy Pom Blanket – paid pattern

With this awesome pattern by Jennifer Ditton, you will certainly find this blanket easy to make. It has an airy texture and playful pom-poms at each corner.  Will you use it in your nursery or in the living room? And what about the colors? Let us know!

Level: beginner Author: Jennifer Ditton

Crochet Baby Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Ravelry

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    1. Hello Anke, You will find links to the patterns underneath the photos in our articles. Hope this helps. Happy crocheting!

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