Knitted Mosaic Baby Blankets Free Patterns

Knitted Mosaic Baby Blankets – Free Patterns

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Mosaic blankets may look pretty intricate but are not that difficult to make. It’s also a versatile technique to create colorful patterns with only basic stitches. Knit Mosaic Baby Blankets are therefore great patterns for adventurous beginners.

They will be a unique accessory to a nursery while also adding a pop of color. Moreover, these modern blankets are easily adjustable so even adults can enjoy them as stylish throws or bedspreads.

Mosaic blankets are decorative enough that they will look great without the border. However, you can finish them off with a simple garter stitch or an i-cord edging. Get the inspiration and knit a trendy blanket for your little one or as a gift.

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Mosaic Baby Blanket Free Knitting Patterns

Mosaic Squares Blanket

This knit blanket design by Purl Soho looks very impressive, isn’t it? We think so too. It features a gorgeous mosaic square pattern made with every detail. It’s good to feel comfortable with a slip stitch before you get down to this one.

The size of this design will give you a perfect baby blanket for the crib. Would you use the same deep colour as in the photo or give it a girly rosy shade?

Level: upper beginner Author: Purl Soho

knitted baby blanket

photo by Purl Soho /

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Symmetry Magic Blanket

Who’s up for an intriguing hand-knitted blanket pattern? Check out this brilliant knit design from KnittingUnlimited. What’s special about it is that you can rotate the blanket in any direction and the mosaic pattern will look unchanged.

The power of symmetry makes it truly magical, isn’t it? What’s more, a basic knowledge of stitches will suffice to make this blanket. So, put your needles into action!

Level: upper beginner Author: KnittingUnlimited

hanging mosaic knit blanket

photo by KnittingUnlimited /

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Blue Butterflies Mosaic Baby Blanket

This adorable pattern for a blanket will definitely make a fabulous baby gift. The original design that catches the eye will look great in other colors too and will brighten up any nursery.

Level: upper beginner Author: Nancy Lekx

Mosaic Knit Baby Blanket

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Mosaic Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

This simple knit mosaic baby blanket looks absolutely adorable in hot pink. You can surely try other colors too as well as make the blanket bigger to fit an adult bed.

Level: upper beginner Author: Purl Soho

Mosaic Knit Blanket

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