Adorable Crochet Cats – Free Patterns

Calling all cat lovers! You`re in for a treat with today`s collection! Adorable Crochet Cats with free patterns will surely conquer your heart, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crocheter. These cute amigurumi cats will be a fantastic gift idea for children and adults. Whether as a toy or a decoration, they may even bring you good luck. They come in different shapes and sizes – from big cuddly softies to tiny pocket creatures. The latter can make a perfect key chain or a bag charm while others can also be used as door stoppers. Your only limit is your imagination so grab some yarn and crochet away these cuties. Check out these patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Kai The Kitty Free Crochet Pattern

Oh, we adore patterns by Keke Grace! This tiny kitty is adorable beyond belief. The beginner-friendly crochet pattern features a tiny flower decoration. As the kitty loves to snuggle, make a comfy basket for long naps too.

Level: beginner Author: Keke Grace

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Amigurumi Black Cat / Gato Negro Halloween Free Crochet Pattern

This Halloween cat will fit in the palm of your hand. It will be a cute companion for children and adults as well! Keep him in your pocket or use him as a key chain or bag charm. Tarturumies rock! Try and find out for yourself.

Level: upper beginner Author: Tarturumies

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) Free Crochet Pattern

In Japanese culture, cats are believed to bring you luck. Do you believe it as well? We certainly do! Why don’t you try to make your own lucky cat? Since it`s not difficult to crochet, even beginners will have loads of fun with this pattern by Abby Sy.

Level: upper beginner Author: Abby Sy

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Pastel Pusheen Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

One thing is certain here! It will be so hard to resist making these sweet pusheen kitties. Pastel colors and cute facial features make them even more adorable. Anitha Domacin inspired us to create some sweet little wonders this season.

Level: beginner Author: Anitha Domacin

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

My Kitty Cat Crochet Pattern

This sweet crochet kitty designed by Jenny Amshen is an elegant little lady, without a doubt. She is wearing a beautiful dress with a matching cape that kids will surely love. Mix and match the colors in this project to suit your taste!

Level: upper beginner Author: Jenny Amshen

The original pattern and the photos are on

Neko Atsume: Playing Cat Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

These two playful kittens will definitely be so much fun to have in your collection. Moreover, they are easy to crochet, so you can make as many little cats as you want. We are so grateful to J.A. Poolvos for this easy pattern!

Level: beginners Author: J.A. Poolvos

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Amigurumi Fluffy Cat Crochet Pattern

Choose a chenille or plush yarn to create an extra soft texture in your next amigurumi project. Kids will love to cuddle this adorable cat by Goozell Tinchurina, so make it as a gift. This paid pattern is worth every penny. Give it a try!

Level: upper beginner Author: Goozell Tinchurina

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Itty Little Simple Kitty Free Crochet Pattern

This tiny kitty by Selse613 is easy to make and too cute to be true! Black one will make adorable Halloween decor and you can certainly try other colors as well. Just look in these deep green eyes! Purrr perfection, isn’t it? Evidently!

Level: beginner Author: Selse613

The original pattern and the photos are on

Sandy The Cat Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

This adorable cat certainly loves cuddles! Why don’t you make it as a gift for someone special? With this crochet pattern by StuffTheBody, it will be easy as pie. This paid pattern explains how to shape the toy so that it is as charming as this one.

Level: intermediate Author: StuffTheBody

The original pattern and the photos are on

Mr. Tibbles the Cat Free Crochet Pattern

Mr. Tibbles is a content gentleman cat that will quickly conquer your heart. The author, Claudia van K., made sure of that! Embroider the facial features and don’t forget to attach a bow in a contrasting color to finish the toy off.

Level: beginner Author: Claudia van K.

The original pattern and the photos are on Google Docs. More info on

Pusheen Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Any fans of Pusheen here? Oh, for sure! If you are looking for a crochet pattern for a cool pillow, look no more! You will certainly love cuddling this amigurumi cat. Jessica Felton released a pattern that will be great even for beginners.

Level: beginner Author: Jessica Felton

The original pattern and the photos are on

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