Two pictures of crochet cats.

Meow Amigurumi Cats Free Crochet Patterns

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The amazing team of Meow Amigurumi Cats would love to join your amigurumi family this season! Every cat-lover will be crazy about these three crochet beasts. Who doesn’t like to spend time with a fluffy friend like that by their side? The patterns presented in this post are certainly going to bring you and the people around you so much joy. You will all fall in love with these wonderful animals, without a doubt! Check out these free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Pusheen with Ice Cream Free Crochet Pattern

Can you even handle such a huge dose of sweetness! Our hearts nearly melt as we look at this amigurumi cutie! If you are one of the fans of Pusheen, this pattern by Roxy Crochet is certainly a must-have in your collection.

Level: upper beginner Author: Roxy Crochet

Amigurumi Cat

The original pattern and the photos are available on Roxy Crochet here. More info on Ravelry here.

Cube Kitty Cat Free Crochet Pattern

Cube Kitty Cat is such a little ball of cuteness. You can keep him on your desk, in your pocket, or transform it into a keychain. He has tiny ears, soft paws, and a cute pink heart-shaped nose. This amigurumi requires basic techniques and is so fast and easy to make. It’s a great idea for a last-minute gift, without a doubt!

Level: upper beginner Author: Crafty Bunny Bun

Mini Crochet Cat

The original pattern and the photos are available on Crafty Bunny Bun here. More info on this version by Jeninna is on Ravelry here.

Elon Stargazer Free Crochet Pattern

Elon is a very elegant, decent size cat with green eyes that will make your heart melt with sweetness. Every cat-loving person would certainly be thrilled to find him in a gift box! The pattern is wireless, explained in detail, and not that hard to work on. So convenient, right?

Level: intermediate Author: Payton Sage

Crochet Cat

The original pattern is available on Ravelry here. More info on this version by BL834 is on Ravelry here.

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