Sturdy Crochet Tote Bags – Free Patterns

Bags are women`s best friends, therefore take a look at today`s collection for some inspiration. These Sturdy Crochet Tote Bags will be great for shopping or as a gift. Are you a student or a teacher who needs a sturdy bag for all the books to carry? They will also be perfect to pack away your essentials when heading for a beach. They all feature strong, thick handles that won`t dig into your hands. Colorful designs are eye-catching but you can still customize them with beads, tassels, or buttons. Play with yarn to achieve a perfect structure. How about natural cotton, jute, or t-shirt yarn for great effect. Adjust the hook accordingly so the fabric is dense. Let your imagination loose with these projects. Check out these free patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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The Jackfield Tile Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern

This beautiful bag by Christine Bateman looks almost exotic with all the decorations of beads and tassels. It`s incredible what you can make with two granny squares. Choose your favorite color scheme and start crocheting.

Level: upper beginner Author: Christine Bateman

The original pattern and the photos are on Ravelry here

All Squared Up Bag Free Crochet Pattern

This lovely bag is made in woven technique which makes a dense fabric. The pattern on the bag looks intricate and the colors makes it perfect for beach holidays. It has great thick handles therefore making it easy to carry.

Level: upper beginner Author: Kim Birum

The original pattern and the photos are on Ravelry here

Chevron Bobble Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern

The bobble stitch is cleverly arranged in a chevron pattern and that also creates a fantastic texture. This bag will certainly add elegance to your style. Jennifer Pionk has us all used to her amazing ideas! Well, here is one more.

Level: upper beginner Author: Jennifer Pionk

The original pattern and the photos are on A Crocheted Simplicity here. More info on Ravelry here.

Easy Gift Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Use it as a gift bag or simply give it as a gift! These uncomplicated totes by Allyson Seeley come in three different sizes and they look so adorable. Don’t they? Oh, without a doubt! Go with neutral colors or make your bag fun and bright.

Level: beginner Author: Allyson Seeley

The original pattern and the photos are on Falling Spring Crochet here. More info on Ravelry here.

Essential Project Tote Free Crochet Pattern

What do you think about this crochet tote designed by Heidi Yates? Evidently a great size for your essentials! This bag is beginner-friendly as well. The handles are decorated with buttons here, but you can use crochet flowers or bows too.

Level: beginner Author: Heidi Yates

The original pattern and the photos are on Snappy Tots here. More info on Ravelry here.

Cove Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Oh, wow! Isn’t this your next favorite bag for spring and summer? Kaitlin Barthold put simplicity, timeless style, and comfort together in order to create this gem. This crochet tote bag will be great for hot days in the city and for a picnic.

Level: upper beginner Author: Kaitlin Barthold

The original pattern and the photos are on Originally Lovely here. More info on Ravelry here.

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