Trendy Tops – Free Crochet Patterns

These awesome free crochet patterns for fashionable Trendy Tops surely deserve their place in your wardrobe. They will stay with you all year round, without a doubt! We have found this pretty lacy blouse for you that is evidently vibrating with girly charm. If you prefer to keep things minimalist, go for the black classic with interesting sleeves instead. Actually…why don’t you crochet them both? Check out these free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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The Sweetpea Top Free Crochet Pattern

Oh, this is the essence of feminine charm! There are so many outfits that you can spice up with this lovely handmade top. Jeans, skirts, shorts…the possibilities are endless! Will you stick with this dusty pink? We think you should!

Level: upper beginner Author: Rachel Misner

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Ruffle Sleeve Top Free Crochet Pattern

Simple cut, timeless black, this is evidently a classic! A classic with a twist, though! Don’t you just love these super eye-catching sleeves? A detail like that can change the character of the whole design. This top is so artsy!

Level: upper beginner Author: LoopinglyMade

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Cherri Blossom Top Free Crochet Pattern

Oh, pure charm! This delightful top will be great for all seasons and so many occasions. If you like feminine designs and handmade fashion, you should certainly start following the work of Turcoaz Cu Vanilie. Try this powder pink top first!

Level: upper beginner Author: Turcoaz Cu Vanilie

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Got Tickets Granny Tee Free Crochet Pattern

A granny tee is a classic for spring and summer! Don’t forget to add it to your to-do list as you get ready for the warm seasons. If you have never tried a pattern by Sirdar, you are in for a surprise! What colors will you use?

Level: upper beginner Author: Sirdar

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

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