Free Cardigan Knitting Pattern Ideas

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Give your wardrobe a subtle and classy upgrade with these cardigan knitting pattern ideas. They make a perfect lightweight layer for any autumn outfit as they have trendy cropped cuts and the hottest colors. You will love the roomy fit and comfort of these classic cardigans because they are cozy and easy to wear.

Whether you go for a lacy or plain pattern, you can certainly add decorative details to your design. Choose bold and bright or soft pastel colors because they will look modern and stylish with your daywear as well as with the evening outfit. These cardigans are great items to keep but also to give away to your loved ones. Check out these free patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Free knitting cardigan patterns

Winterberry Cardigan 

If you’re in the mood for a stylish Christmas cardigan, Olya’s project is a way to go. Stunning colorwork and wide lapels will bring festive vibes instantly. Use the classic combination of red and green hues, or go for something more neutral. Wrap yourself in this long knitted sweater and keep warm this season.

Level: upper beginner Author: YellowBlueDesign by Olya Mikesh

A woman is standing in front of a christmas tree wearing a sweater.

photos by YellowBlueDesign by Olya Mikesh /

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Although some of you may argue that short-sleeved cardigans are impractical, I will defend their beauty and versatility. Berocco’s design team developed a pattern for a simple knitted cardi with a lovely collar. Throw it over a dress and fasten a button, and your outfit will instantly become more stylish.

Level: upper beginner Author: Berroco Design Team

Two pictures of a woman wearing a red knitted jacket.

photos by Berroco Design Team /

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Windy Ridge Cardigan

An oversized knitted cardigan will be your best friend in the upcoming season, that’s for sure. Not only is it perfect for layering, but works great as a lightweight outer garment when the days become warmer. Look at the photos and notice how beautiful this texture is, and it’s so easy to knit.

Level: upper beginner Author: Mary Stowe

Two pictures of a woman wearing a grey knitted cardigan.

photo by Mary Stowe /

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Beata’s cardigan knitting pattern will be perfect for beginners because it uses bulky yarn and works up really fast. Its oversized fit is versatile and looks great on many different silhouettes. If you’ve never tried knitting garments before, don’t worry – this project is so easy you’ll be surprised!

Level: beginner Author: Beata Jezek

a girl in a knitted cardigan

photos by Beata Jezek /

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Are you a bit indecisive when it comes to colors sometimes? Aren’t we all? Well, the subtle pink shade is always the right choice! This beautiful pattern by Sarah Hatton proves that, undoubtedly. Isn’t this sweater such a classic?

Level: upper beginner Author: Sarah Hatton

Knit Sweater

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Orange You Glad 

This is such a gem among knitted cardigans! Seriously, it is difficult to find designs that are so simple and so original at the same time. We love the warm shade of orange and decorative beads. Such a playful effect! Do you admire Karen Bourquin’s creativity as well? Without a doubt!

Level: upper beginner Author: Karen Bourquin

Knit Cardigan

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This pretty cardigan knitting pattern amazes us with a stunning lacy front that gives the design this classic look we all like. It will certainly pair nicely with a summer dress but also with jeans or shorts. If you have a fancy garden party on the horizon, you know what to do. Let Filipa Carneiro guide you!

Level: upper beginner Author: Filipa Carneiro

Knitted Cardigan

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Hello there, romantic souls! Rachel Søgaard has designed a knitted cardigan that will make your poetic hearts beat faster, without a doubt. We can say that we are enchanted! And gathering the yarn, obviously! Do you feel the same?

Level: intermediate Author: Rachel Søgaard

Knitted Cardigan

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The season for rainbows never ends! The same applies to wonderful ombre color palettes. This pattern for a lovely cover-up written by Tatiana Chystiakova certainly ticks both boxes. Isn’t it a good enough reason to give it a try?

Level: upper beginner Author: Tatiana Chystiakova

Knit Cover-Up

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Sigrid Cardigan

You can’t go wrong with a simple cardi because it’s the most versatile piece of wardrobe! Wear it buttoned up, or open; pair it with jeans and sneakers, or add it to a dressy dress – it’s all up to you. Sigrid cardi will be the perfect choice for those of you who love simple construction and an effortless look.

Level: intermediate Author: Stine Radicke

photos by Stine Radicke /

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Hope Bay Cardigan

Don’t be afraid to show your feminine side and add this lovely cardigan to your wardrobe. The ornamental yoke and short sleeves make it the perfect choice for spring and summer. Although lilac yarn looks cute on the model, I think this cardi has huge potential to look great in darker colors.

Level: intermediate Author: DROPS Design

photos by DROPS Design /

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