free crochet cowl patterns for winter

Snuggly Crochet Cowls for Autumn and Winter [Best Free Patterns]

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Does anybody need free crochet patterns for cowls? We don’t know about you but we certainly love all sorts of scarves and cowls. We consider them to be like pieces of jewelry, therefore we usually choose bright designs. They not only adorn our looks but also keep us cozy and warm.

Let us show you some Snuggly Crochet Cowls that you will surely find very appealing. They are stylish and elegant! Moreover, they will keep you warm. You don’t have to know intricate stitches because these cowls are pretty basic. Just choose your favorite colors and soft and squishy yarn to crochet them. They will make a wonderful addition to your winter wardrobe and can even be a great gift for someone special.

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free crochet cowl patterns

Into the Woods Mobius 

Prepare for the autumn-winter season by making this stunning project from Tamara. Wrap yourself in a cozy crochet cowl, which, despite being made with lacy stitches, is very warm. Notice how beautifully chunky the yarn is, and how it creates a delicate fuzzy halo around the stitches.

Level: beginner Author: Tamara Kelly

woman in a chunky crochet lacy cowl in earthy color

photo by Tamara Kelly /

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Twisted Chains Cowl

If you like your cowls to drape nicely, you must surely try making the cowl by Esther Thompson. Use soft and squishy yarn in your favorite colors and this wide cowl will wrap around your shoulders as well. Keeping you extra warm!

Level: upper beginner Author: Esther Thompson

Crochet Twisted Chains Cowl

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Twisted Cowl 

Infinity scarves are definitely my favorite. You can wrap them around your neck a couple of times and they will snuggle you and keep you warm. This one is very easy to make, with only simple stitches and fun edging. The self-striping yarn does the colorwork for you so you should definitely give it a go.

Level: beginner Author: Rich Textures Crochet

Crochet Twisted Cowl 
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Claire’s Cowl Outlander 

Who doesn’t love big chunky cowls? We all do this time of the year! This one designed by awesome Louise Bollanos is minimalist, warm, practical, and chic. We could rave about it for hours. It would be much better if you tried the pattern yourself tho!

Level: beginner Author: Louise Bollanos

Crochet Cowl
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Rustic Candy Corn Cowl 

Delightful colors for a delightful crochet cowl! The combination of neutral shades of beige is making us feel super excited about autumn! Bobble stitches are fun to crochet and create an awesome texture. This pattern by Jamie Morris ticks all the boxes!

Level: upper beginner Author: Jamie Morris

Crochet Cowl
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Sauntering Cowl 

Rustic vibes and warm cowls? We say yes and yes! This crochet pattern by Eline Alcocer is a must-have for cold days and for all of you who enjoy gifting handmade accessories to your friends and loved ones. Aren’t these patterns delightful?

Level: upper beginner Author: Eline Alcocer

Crochet Cowl
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