Gorgeous CAL Blankets – Free Crochet Patterns

Have you taken part in the famous Phoenix CAL? The beginning of spring is evidently the perfect time to try new things and realize the plans we keep postponing. Have you ever wanted to take part in a crochet-along? Obviously, it is always so fun! Gorgeous CAL Blankets are designed for advanced crocheters or beginners with some experience and loads of motivation. Are you ready? Without a doubt! Check out the free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Beachcombing Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This beautiful blanket is vibrating with free spirit! If you like bright colors and richly patterned designs, this crochet along will make your heart beat faster. Get ready, it will start on 10th April and last for 12 weeks. The adventure begins soon!

Level: intermediate Author: Eleonora Tully

The original pattern and the photos are on coastalcrochet.com. More info on ravelry.com.

Picnic on the Beach Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Here is one more exciting blanket pattern by brilliant Eleonora Tully! If you start working on this wonder now, you will have it ready before warm days come. Sounds interesting, right? Obviously! What about this color palette?

Level: intermediate Author: Eleonora Tully

The original pattern and the photos are on coastalcrochet.com. More info on ravelry.com.

Phoenix CAL Crochet Pattern

Crochet-a-long is an event, during which parts of the bigger pattern are posted week by week. It usually contains step-by-step instructions and photos, so it’s really easy to follow. This time the big project is this stunning blanket, which starts with flowers and rosettes. These are again bordered with rows and rows of intricate stitches in order to create a breathtaking flow of patterns and colors.

Level: intermediate AuthorHooked on Sunshine

The original pattern is on ravelry.com. Info about this version and the photos are on ravelry.com. The pattern was free for a limited time only.

Tropical Shores Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Are you ready for a trip along tropical shores? Even if you are staying home this summer, you can still go on a  beautiful adventure. How? Following the footsteps of Eleonora Tully, obviously! And her instructions for this stunning blanket!

Level: intermediate Author: Eleonora Tully

The original pattern and the photos are on kingcole.com. More info on ravelry.com.

Faith Free Crochet Pattern

Oh, you won’t believe this! Helen Shrimpton is soon starting a crochet along for this wonderful blanket. Guess what? It will be suited to the needs of crocheters with only basic knowledge! Even beginners will be able to make their own versions of this gem. Get ready!

Level: upper begginer Author: Helen Shrimpton

The original pattern and the photos are on crystalsandcrochet.com. More info on ravelry.com.

Texture is Everything CAL Free Crochet Pattern

The texture is everything indeed! Colors are also super important and this blanket by K.A.M.E. Crochet proves it, without a doubt. Just look at this beautiful combination of pastel shades! Heart-melting, isn’t it? Will you use similar shades?

Level: upper begginer Author: K.A.M.E. Crochet

The original pattern and the photos are on kamecrochet.com. More info on ravelry.com.

5 thoughts on “Gorgeous CAL Blankets – Free Crochet Patterns

  1. I have followed every place that says FREE PATTERN HERE and it always goes to a page to order pattern for $5.00. I cannot find a free pattern anywhere. this page is very misleading. very disappointing.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      this CAL was free while it was running, once the CAL was completed it has become a paid pattern. Sometimes free patterns recommended on our website, especially older ones, become paid in the meantime.

  2. hi i dont think thats right if they were free in the first place they should remain free thats my opinion i dont think after the fact charging for them is right as i my self cant aford to but to much on a fixed income

    1. We get your point! That’s why the majority of the patterns we share are free. We are sure you will find something beautiful!

  3. I had the Phoenix Cal pattern until I had to get a new phone. The guy who was supposed to be transferring my data to the new phone totally wiped out my pinterest account and I lost thousands of patterns that I can never retrieve. Now I have to pay to get it back. I’m on a fixed income. I’m sure there are other beautiful free patterns offered. However; that’s no compensation for the one I lost and want back. There’s no substitute for the Phoenix Cal.

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