Two pictures of a crocheted shawl with a skull pattern on a mannequin.

Crochet Shawls with a Skull Motif – Free Patterns

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We know it’s a little early, but you should prepare yourself in advance for autumn and for Halloween this year! If you`re not up for costumes but still want to participate, complete your outfit with a themed detail. Lost Souls Skull Shawl has gained the title of the ultimate Halloween classic.

It has hundreds of versions and everybody loves it. Little skulls come entangled into a wavy design in this shawl. It looks like an intricate lace when viewed from afar. Skull-themed crochet shawls will add a trendy touch to a simple black dress or to a more elaborate costume.

You can also show off your crocheting skills with the skull pattern which is definitely mesmerizing. Give these shawls a try today because they are not that difficult! For that much-needed comfort while crocheting, take a look at the selection of the best ergonomic crochet hooks.

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Skull Shawl Free Crochet Pattern Ideas

Skull Shawl 

JustGothEnough’s skull shawl version is doubly spooky, as it features both a skull crochet pattern AND a Halloween-themed colorway. Hobbii released a limited edition of their Dahlia yarn cakes in seven characteristic colorways, one of which you can see in the photos. 

Level: upper beginner Author: kungen och majkis, this version by JustGothEnough

lacy crochet skull shawl in spooky halloween colors

photo by JustGothEnough /

Find this pattern on, or read more on Learn more about this particular version by clicking the link below the picture.

Skull Shawl

Are there any fans of the skull theme among our readers? If so, be sure to take a look at this project! We are getting ready for fall in style!

This impressive, lacy crochet skull pattern by Kungen Och Majkis surely deserves a place in your library of crochet patterns. With this one, you are sure to make an amazing look on Halloween day too. Pair your shawl with crochet skull earrings for a wow effect!

Level: intermediate Author: kungen och majkis

Crochet Skull Shawl

Find this pattern on, or

Skull Scarf

This idea for a lacy crochet scarf is so original! We think that the skull motif looks mysterious and gives a one-of-a-kind vibe to our outfits.

Would you agree with this? Karin Kaufmann certainly would! Her version of the skull motif is a keeper!

Level: upper beginner Author: Karin Kaufmann

Crochet Scarf

Find this pattern on

Lost Souls Skull Shawl – No longer available

Are there any fans of Halloween skulls? If so, you can place the skulls in your crochet outfit with this brilliant project. We are mixing it with pink and gray today in this legendary shawl pattern.

If you want to become the queen of the darkness this fall, follow Maryetta Roy’s instructions. We bet your Lost Souls Skull Shawl will turn out so beautiful! This project makes a perfect choice to celebrate the Day of the Dead too.

Level: intermediate Author: Maryetta Roy

Lost Souls Crochet ShawlThis pattern has been discontinued.

Granny Skull Scarf

Granny stitches and skulls come as a really interesting combination! If you enjoy trying out new techniques, this crochet pattern by Chelsea Wybrow will certainly be of interest to you. Save it to your library for the scarf season!

Level: upper beginner Author: Chelsea Wybrow

Granny Skull Scarf

Find this pattern on, or read more on More info and the photos are on Etsy.


What kind of yarn to choose for crochet shawls with a skull motif?

Lacy and lightweight, crochet shawls with skull motifs usually require quite a fine weight yarn. Depending on your preferences and the vibe you are going for, we recommend anything between light fingering and double knit. Some say the finer the yarn the more sophisticated the final effect. Be sure to test that theory yourself.

Are crochet shawls with skull motifs easy enough for beginners?

Some definitely are! You will of course need a bit more experience for the most intricate patterns. However, in principle you should be able to learn a skull motif if you are an adventurous beginner. It all depends on your motivation level!

How to choose the right color for a crochet shawl with a skull motif?

Black comes to mind as the obvious answer, but do not hesitate to experiment with other colors as well. Deep violets, burgundy, dark green, cream and white shawls will definitely look super classy.

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