Two pictures of a purple knitted triangular shawl on a mannequin.

Fashionable Triangular Shawls – Free Knitting Patterns

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Hello there, lovely people! What’s up? Are you in the mood to take a look at the latest fashion trends? Obviously, the new season is coming! Autumn is the perfect time for free knitting patterns for Fashionable Triangular Shawls. They will keep you warm, without a doubt, but they will still remain comfortable and lightweight. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? These two examples are completely different. Which one suits your taste and personal style? We wanna know! Check out these free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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free knitted triangular shawl patterns

Sherbet Bandana

A small triangle of knitted fabric can become an unexpectedly versatile accessory. The designer behind The Lamb & Kid Designs wears their piece with pride as a scarf and as a bandana. In the photos, you can see how nicely it fits everyday wear. Choose a bold neon shade, or go for more neutral tones.

Level: beginner Author: The Lamb & Kid Designs

a woman with neon lime knitted bandana

photo by The Lamb & Kid Designs /

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emPower Lace 

We can never get enough knitting patterns for triangular shawls! Especially when they are spiced up with charming openwork. This little wonder designed by Rosemary (Romi) Hill will be a treat for all the elegant ladies. Do you like this color? So lovely for fall!

Level: upper beginner Author: Rosemary (Romi) Hill

Knitted Shawl

The original pattern and the photos are on Ravelry.

emPower People 

Simplicity is empowering indeed! Minimalist fashion is modern and practical. This awesome multiuse design by Casapinka will save you so much time and energy! You can match it with different outfits and use as a bandana or a neck warmer. So convenient, isn’t it? Yes!

Level: upper beginner Author: Casapinka

Knitted Bandana

The original pattern and the photos are on Ravelry.


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