Contrasts! Knitted Blankets Ideas Free Patterns

Contrasting colors are a great concept to add a visual interest to your project. Today`s collection is just about that. You don`t have to make elaborate stitches because simple patterns work the best. Your creativity is what counts here. You can go for reds and orange and frame them in the deep blue. Or how about greens and yellows resembling a meadow of sunflowers. These Contrasts! Knitted Blanket Ideas are beginner friendly and not so time consuming therefore they will also make great gifts for your loved ones. Because who wouldn`t like to receive a handmade blanket that`s stylish, modern and in beautiful color combination as well. Check out these free patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Color Wash Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

This beautiful blanket is like a sunset in a window frame. It`s modern and very stylish and it only uses a garter stitch. Choose your own pallet, for example blue shades for an ocean look.

Level: beginner  Author: Purl Soho

You will find the pattern here. more info here.


Slip Stitch Baby Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

Deep blue and orange make great contrast that looks really stunning in this blanket. Chunky yarn will be soft and warm for the colder evenings and will also create a lovely texture.

Level: beginner Author: Ethel Weinberg

You will find the pattern here. more info here.


Colorblock Bias Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

Working on the bias gives you very interesting pattern especially if you combine it with different color stripes. Use your favorite scheme and don`t forget to attach a couple of playful tassels too.

Level: beginner Author: Purl Soho

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You will find the pattern here. more info here.

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