A pair of knitted baby booties with a tassel, featuring a knitting pattern.

Adorable Baby Booties with Free Knitting Patterns

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Knitting patterns for Adorable Baby Booties are quick and easy to make. Booties are the perfect thing to knit as a baby shower or baby gift, especially now, while the days are getting cooler. They are soft and delicate as well as very comfortable. These patterns are unisex, therefore you can customize them with any color combination. They will look delightful with simple decorations such as fringe or tassels, but feel free to add different details too. Such projects are also a fantastic way of using up your leftover yarn which will create colorful designs. Browse through your stash and get creative with these sweet knitting patterns for booties! Check out these free patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Fringed Moccasin Booties Free Knitting Pattern

Make these simple moccasins in any color you like to keep your baby`s feet warm and cozy. These knitted booties will look super cute with a contrasting fringe. Marianna mel has such a wonderful idea here, right? We love it!

Level: beginner Author: marianna mel

Knitted Booties

The original pattern and the photos are on Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days here. More info on Ravelry here.

Lillebrors Vintersko Free Knitting Pattern

These Scandinavian style booties are pretty easy to make. Trust us on this one! And, most importantly, trust Heidi Pettersen! The booties are soft and so cozy! The tassels certainly add an adorable touch too. Will you stick with gray?

Level: beginner Author: Heidi Pettersen

Knitted Baby Booties

The original pattern and the photos are available on Ravelry here

Knitted Baby Booties Free Knitting Pattern

Hi there, lovely knitters! Are you in the mood for a sweet little garter stitch project? Obviously, it’s always a good idea! This pattern for baby booties is a must-have in your repertoire. Baby showers will never be a challenge again!

Level: upper beginner Author: Susanna Mertsalmi

Knitted Baby Booties

The original pattern and the photos are available on Love Crafts here. More info on Ravelry here.

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