Collection of easter crochet patterns.

30+ Easter Crochet Home Decor Ideas [Free Crochet Patterns]

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Have you already found your favorite easter crochet patterns? Yes, it is no surprise that Easter is a perfect time for crafts. We feel so much creative energy when winter ends, right?

Crochet Easter decorations can surely be an amazing addition to your festive table. In this collection of free easy easter crochet patterns, you will surely find ideas for projects that you can complete in no time!

Crochet bunnies, chicks, and little lambs – invite all those cute amigurumi Easter patterns to your home. Organize an amazing egg hunt with crocheted Easter eggs, which are as good as real ones or even better, because they do not go off.

In this collection of ideas, you will certainly find home decor too, such as placemats, baskets, and egg cozies. If you are looking for crochet Easter gift ideas, we have great recommendations for handmade coasters, amigurumi animals, and mug cozies too.

Explore the ideas we have found and get inspired! Check out these free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

If you need more inspiration, check out our collections of patterns for Crochet Easter Eggs and a Crochet Easter Bunny.

egg Free Crochet patterns for Easter

Crochet Easter Eggs 

Hanging decorations are not only for the winter season and Christmas. You can make beautiful crocheted decor for your home with this pattern. Crocheted egg covers feature lovely openwork and look great in white. Of course, you can use colorful yarn or paint the eggs first.

Level: upper beginner Author: Evelien Serpenti

white lacy crochet easter egg decoration

Photo: Evelien Serpenti

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Easter Crochet Egg Bunny Rattle 

Easy to crochet Easter bunny rattle will bring joy to your family. Bunnies are an essential part of Easter, but this project can be made at any time of year – who would resist this sweet animal? Rattle will keep your baby occupied and interested.

Level: beginner Author: ChiWei Ranck

amigurumi bunny egg free crochet pattern

Photo: One Dog Woof

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Easter Trio 

What an adorable trio Seriously, can you see how cute these amigurumi creatures designed by Sílvia Marques Silva for Easter 2022 are? A sheep, a bunny, and a sweet little chick. Will they find a new home on your window sill?

Level: upper beginner Author: Sílvia Marques Silva

easter amigurumi egg animal patterns

Photo: Sílvia Marques Silva

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Easter Chicks Garland 

Are there any fans of handmade garlands here? Spring and Easter are coming! Have you started working on seasonal decorations yet? This crochet pattern for a wonderful garland just released by The Knotted Nest will get you going.

Level: upper beginner Author: The Knotted Nest

easy crochet easter chick garland

Photo: The Knotted Nest

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Easter Eggs and Basket

This tiny basket with tiny crocheted eggs will be an adorable accent on your festive table. It’s a beginner-friendly project, so don’t hesitate to try it. You can use up leftover scraps of yarn for this one. Jackie Laing will guide you!

Level: beginner Author: Jackie Laing

tiny Crochet Easter Eggs and Basket pattern

Photo: Jackie Laing

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Spring Chicken Easter Eggs – No longer available

Try a different take on crochet eggs this year by making colorful covers with floral motifs on the sides. It starts up like regular little mandalas, but you can certainly use up scraps of yarn for this project. What are you waiting for? Crochet this beautiful Easter decoration today!

Level: upper beginner Author: Katy Stevens

colorful crochet Easter egg decoration

Photo: Katy Stevens

This pattern is no longer available, but you can read about it on

Tic Tac Toe Egg Game

Make sure to have some extra fun this Easter with this creative game project by Yvonne van Zijl. The pattern includes a bag to hold the playing eggs and the playing field. You can use different types of yarn and hook sizes to customize the game’s size to your preference. The playing eggs are crocheted as amigurumi in continuous rounds while the tote is constructed from granny squares. Consider using chocolate eggs for added enjoyment and play with your kids, friends, or family!

Level: upper beginner Author: Yvonne van Zijl

A crocheted Easter bag with pink and white beads.

photos by Yvonne van Zijl /

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free crochet egg cozy patterns

Eggstremely Cosy Set 

These funny egg cozies will surely be a highlight of your festive breakfast. Funky haircuts and beautiful embroidery evidently give each one of them a unique character. You should certainly try making your own – with your favorite combinations of color and embroidered motifs.

Level: upper beginner Author: Corinne Frieden

embroidered crochet hen easter egg cozy pattern

Photo: Funkynitter

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Chocolate Egg Covers 

Make the chocolate egg hunt so much more fun with these cute covers! Little crocheted bunnies, chicks, and lambs will surely fit perfectly on top of your favorite sweets. Grab your crochet hook and start today, as these eggs are so easy to crochet even if you are a beginner.

Level: beginner Author: Flo’s Crafty Crochet

easy crochet egg covers in the shape of animals

Photo: Flo’s Crafty Crochet

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Silly Sally Sheep Egg Cozies

With these funny egg cozies, every breakfast will be a moment for laughs and smiles. Grab your crochet hook, black and white yarn, and make a bunch of these. A set of crocheted egg cozies is a good idea for a gift. You can use up leftover yarn to make these in many colors!

Level: upper beginner Author: Kamila Krawka Krawczyk

Crochet Sheep Egg Cozy free pattern

Photo: krawka

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Easter Egg Cozy 

Don’t let your eggs roll down the table, keep them safe in Easter egg cozy! These adorable mini-baskets serve as tiny nests. This crochet project is for complete beginners – in fact, it’s perfect for learning. Find little leftover pieces of yarn and make a bunch!

Level: beginner Author: Kara Gunza

colorful crochet nest Easter Egg Cozies

Photo: Petals to Picots

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Easter Egg Cozy Table Decor 

A simple nest for crochet Easter eggs can surely become the most interesting part of your festive table. You can place painted, bare, or chocolate eggs inside, and decorate the center as you wish. Put a flower or a candle in the middle in order to create an unusual table decoration that your guests will love!

Level: beginner Author: Kara Gunza

crochet easter egg table holder with six pouches

Photo: Petals to Picots

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Easter Egg Mini Bunny Hat 

An egg hat is an adorable idea, undoubtedly. It’s so easy to make and looks so cute! This easy crochet pattern is evidently perfect for Easter. Instead of painting the eggs, you can crochet little hats for them and, if you want, use a marker to draw faces.

Level: beginner Author: ChiWei Ranck

Easter Crochet Bunny Egg Hat free pattern

Photo: ChiWei Ranck

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Easter Egg Mini Lamb Hat

Cover the Easter eggs with super cute fluffy hats that look like little lambs. If this doesn’t make all your family go “awww”, we really don’t know what will. This may be the most adorable Easter crochet project we’ve found, undoubtedly!

Level: upper beginner Author: ChiWei Ranck

Easter Crochet Lamb Egg Hat free pattern

Photo: ChiWei Ranck

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Crochet Easter Hen Egg Cozy – No longer available

The funny hen is certainly a great idea for an adorable handmade egg cozy. This colorful gal will brighten up your entire room and make Easter much more pleasant, without a doubt. Do you need someone to keep her company? Check out the quick Easter amigurumi patterns here!

Level: beginner Author: Tanya Eberhardt

yellow Easter Crochet Hen egg cozy with blue crochet flowers

Photo: Tanya Eberhardt

This pattern is no longer available, but you can read about it on

free amigurumi easter crochet patterns

Chinese New Year Rooster 

Although these amigurumi roosters by Stephanie Jessica Lau were created for Chinese New Year, they will be perfect for Easter too! Fluffy balls of cuteness with tiny legs and bright red accents will surely make great decorations.

Level: upper beginner Author: Stephanie Jessica Lau

two fluffy crochet amigurumi roosters in brown and white

Photo: All About Ami

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Easter Chicken 

This chicken family is so fun and easy to make. Use the ruffling technique in order to create the bodies and basic amigurumi for heads. Personalize them by adding unique touches – bow ties, special colors or embroidery. Kids will love to play with these chicks, without a doubt!

Level: upper beginner Author: Anja Hjorth

crochet easter chick amigurumi free pattern

Photo: Anja Hjorth

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Get ready for the Bunny Season 

These two Easter amigurumi friends are so ready for the bunny season. If you want to try the wonderful art of amigurumi, this little project is certainly for you. Looking for more? We have more lovely Easter amigurumi patterns to recommend!

Level: upper beginner Author: Ina Rho

two easter amigurumi toys with bunny ears

Photo: Ina Rho

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Little Lamb Baby Lovey

A baby lovey is a mix of a tiny blanket and amigurumi animals. This soft toy is safe even for very little babies, so it’s a great idea for a last-minute Easter crochet pattern that will make your family smile. Lamb lovey is quite easy to make if you are familiar with amigurumi techniques.

Level: intermediate Author: Ashleigh Kiser

crochet lamb baby lovey security blanket

Photo: Ashleigh Kiser

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Easter Bunny

Invite a bunch of crochet Easter bunnies to your home! This cute and extremely simple amigurumi will look great in any setting. Grab your crochet hook and make these in no time. You can play with size and color, but don’t forget about the tiny pom-pom tail!

 Level: beginner Author:

free crochet bunny pattern


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Palworld Chikipi

Create a huggable Palworld Chikipi with this wonderful amigurumi crochet pattern inspired by the Pokemon world. It will prove the perfect gift for kids or a fun decoration during Easter time. If you or someone you know is a Pokemon fan, this crocheted plushie will surely be a hit. Plus, with the assistance of a helpful video tutorial provided by Tor Smith, you can crochet this adorable softie with ease.

Level: upper beginner Author: Tor Smith

Two pictures of a crochet chicken, perfect for Easter crafts.

photos by Tor Smith /

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crocheted easter decorations for home

Chicken Coasters

Elevate your Easter decor with these charming crochet chicken coasters by Denton Foreman! They will make a delightful addition to your kitchen or dining room. These pieces will not only add a touch of springtime charm but also serve as practical protectors for your surfaces. The pattern is beginner-friendly, allowing you to whip up an entire set in no time and infuse your home with seasonal flair.

Level: beginner Author: Denton Foreman

An Easter-themed crocheted rooster on a wooden floor.

photos by Denton Foreman /

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Easter Squares Blanket

This crochet blanket design by Tonya Bush is a real show-stopper! With eight adorable squares inspired by spring, it’s a great choice for anyone looking for an intricate Easter project. The beautiful 3D texture is what makes it perfect for a baby blanket that will bring spring charm to your little one’s nursery. The majority of the border is adorned with the granny block stitch, adding a lovely finishing touch to this cozy and charming creation.

Level: intermediate Author: Tonya Bush

An adorable easter afghan featuring a crocheted bunny and sheep.

photos by Tonya Bush /

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Easter Egg Mandala

This unusual crochet mandala has an unexpected egg-like shape. The floral center of this decoration is bordered with rows of puffy stitches, bold colors, and trimmed with a sweet scalloped border. It will look great as a coaster or wall decoration. One of our favorite Easter crochet patterns, undoubtedly!

Level: upper beginner Author: Miki Hemphill

colorful egg-shaped mandala with scalloped edging

Photo: SFMGS 2017

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Easter Egg Placemats 

Create colorful egg-shaped placemats that are perfect for Easter. With this free crochet pattern, you can make a great accessory for your home. Choose your favorite colors and brighten up your table for Easter breakfast.

Level: upper beginner Author: Linda Permann

colorful egg-shaped crochet placemat pattern

Photo: Crochet Today!

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Easter Bunny Coasters 

Next on our list of easy crochet Easter patterns is this set of bunny coasters. Simple circular coasters are transformed into bunnies by adding ears and a tail. Go for bold colors if you like them or play with black and white instead. And remember, there are so many more Easter treats for crochet bunny lovers on our site!

Level: beginner Author: Evonne Umbel

easy crochet bunny coaster pattern

Photo: Evonne Umbel

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Sunny Side Up 

This crochet Easter egg is unlike other eggs and that’s why it’s one of our favorite Easter crochet projects.

With this egg, your life will be easier, because you will not have to worry about burning your fingers ever again. This crocheted potholder can also be used as a placemat or a coaster.

Level: beginner Author: DROPS design

white and yellow sunny side up egg crochet potholders

Photo: BeyondCrochetToo

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The Granny Bunny

Spring is almost here, so it’s the perfect time to invite granny bunnies to the house. This lovely little project is based on simple granny stitches and worked in rounds.

You can use your bunnies as coasters, decorations or hang them on the wall like a bunting instead. It’s one of the cutest crochet Easter gift ideas in this collection of patterns.

Level: beginner Author: Alessandra Poggiagliolmi

flat Crochet Easter Bunny applique pattern

Photo: Alessandra Poggiagliolmi

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Egg Hunt Blanket 

Easter eggs on a blanket? Yes, the rows of colorful eggs are divided with patches of green grass. This stitch is so interesting and creative, as it uses shells and basic stitches to achieve an amazing effect. You can use it in order to complete the rest of your free crochet Easter patterns as well.

 Level: intermediate Author: Mikaela Bates

colorful Easter Crochet Blanket with egg motif

Photo: Mikaela Bates – Vivid Kreations

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Rabbit & Chicken Potholders

This couple should find its place in your kitchen this season, without a doubt. Bunny and Chicken are made using spiral circles, a technique you should surely learn if you haven’t already. Are you looking for more cute Easter patterns for table decorations? Why don’t you crochet Easter doilies with us?

Level: upper beginner Author: Schachenmayr Design Team

hen and bunny Easter Crochet Potholders

Photo: Schachenmayr

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Easter Crochet Bunny Mug Cozy Free Pattern

This free crochet pattern for Easter is perfect for complete beginners, as it is extremely easy. It’s basically a rectangle with ears and a pom-pom tail, which makes it great for a last-minute gift. Choose your favorite colors and give it a try!

Level: beginner Author: Kirsten Ballering

Bunny Mug Cozy Crochet Pattern

Photo: Haak Maar Raak

Find the original pattern on, or

Chicken Bookmark

The crocheted chicken bookmark will keep an eye on the paragraph you ended upon. This is a fun project for all bookworms out there, especially for Easter. This project uses basic amigurumi techniques.

Level: upper beginner Author: DROPS design

crochet Chicken Bookmark free pattern

Photo: DROPS design

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easter crochet baby clothes – free patterns

Easter Chick

If you’re looking for easy Easter crochet patterns, this one is for you. Celebrate your little one’s first Easter in style! Make this amazing crocheted hat for a baby that looks like a little chick.

It’s adorable and warm, and look at these hilarious chicken legs! Thick yarn will give this project fluff and softness, but also shorten the time needed to make it.

Level: upper beginner Author: Jenny and Teddy

baby in a chicken-shaped crochet hat

Photo: Jenny and Teddy

Find this pattern on, or

Easter Dress – No longer available

Another recommendation for kids is this lovely spring dress for a little girl. Pastel colors and shell stitch look amazing together, and you can play with the arrangement of the stripes as you want. This crocheted dress is suitable for many occasions, so don’t hesitate and grab your crochet hook!

Level: intermediate Author: Willow Yarns Design Team

mint and peach crochet Baby Dress pattern

Photo: Willow Yarns

This pattern is no longer available, but you can read about it on

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easter crochet bag and basket Patterns

Henny Penny 

Keep your bread from drying up in this amazing hen basket! This project will look especially great on a festive Easter table, bringing rustic vibes to the gathering. Decorate it with little flowers and decide on the color scheme – go natural or use contrasting yarns. Once you’re done, check out other ideas for a lovely Easter crochet basket.

Level: upper beginner Author: DROPS design

hen-shaped crochet bread basket with crochet flowers

Photo: DROPS design

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Crochet Bunny Pocket

Colorful, adorable, and easy to crochet! This beginner-friendly pattern by awesome Repeat Crafter Me might bring your family so much joy this spring and Easter season. If you have some colorful yarn scraps to use up, you know what to do!

Level: beginner Author: Repeat Crafter Me

easy colorful crochet bunny pocket pattern

Photo: Repeat Crafter Me

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Easter Egg Treat Bag 

Tired of bowls and baskets? Keep all the treats in this lovely crocheted bag. This stripy drawstring bag is easy to make and can be used to store anything you want. It can be a gift bag if you want, or storage in your bathroom, and it holds an egg shape when filled.

Level: upper beginner Author: Kara Gunza

colorful easter crochet gift bag

Photo: Petals to Picots

Find this pattern on, or


As you can see, there are lots of crochet Easter ideas to make with yarn and crochet hooks. Some require more skill and patience, while others need basic stitches only. We hope that these Easter crochet ideas will inspire you to make something new this year.

Crochet for Easter may include amigurumi, crocheted chicks, table decor, and egg cozies. There’s a lot to choose from, so don’t wait – grab your crochet hook and start making!

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