A collage of five different summer crochet bags in various patterns and colors, including floral designs and geometric shapes.

Square-Based Summer Bags – Free Crochet Patterns

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Free crochet patterns for summer bags are here! If you think that granny squares are great only for blankets, think again because you can make a lot more with them. Square Summer Bags are the perfect example. Joyful colors, beads and fringes are the main characteristics as well as ethnic patterns and various textures. Try pairing these beautiful bags with your favorite tops and skirts or mixing and matching different styles. Boho chic comes to mind because such granny square bags are one of the staples of this look. Therefore, if you want to update your wardrobe with fresh accessories, those summer bags are the most stylish and quickest way to do so. Check out these free patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Lemon Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Add citrus freshness to your outings with the Kimberly Arenas’ crochet bag pattern. This eye-catching accessory is ideal for trips to the pool, park, or daily errands. The bag consists of granny squares featuring a bright lemon motif made with the surface crochet. Customize your design with the citrus of your choice, be it lemon, orange, or lime, and add a playful twist to your summer collection!

Level: upper beginner  Author: Kimberly Arenas

A handmade crochet tote bag with a light blue base and white handles, adorned with yellow and white appliques resembling slices of citrus fruits.

photo by Kimberly Arenas / thecaffeinatedsnail.com

Find this pattern on thecaffeinatedsnail.com.

Magnolia Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Enhance your wardrobe with a boho chic accessory! This beautiful crocheted bag by Jessica Reeves Potasz is made of vintage-inspired granny squares. Its roomy design makes it great for carrying all your essentials, whether you’re heading to a spring picnic or a summer beach outing. Made from mercerized cotton, the bag is durable and easy to wash.

Level: upper beginner Author: Jessica Reeves Potasz

A woman holding a crochet tote bag with floral patterns and tassels, set against a natural landscape.

photo by Jessica Reeves Potasz / ravelry.com

Find this pattern on mamainastitch.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Flower Granny Square Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Embrace flower power by making a stunning tote bag with Jo Edwards’ crochet pattern. Suitable for upper beginners and intermediates, this is a fun project built from granny squares that you can complete in just one weekend. Wow your friends and family with this stylish accessory that adds a vintage style to any outfit.

Level: upper beginner Author: Jo Edwards

A handmade crochet bag featuring purple squares with green and white floral designs, alongside separate floral squares and crochet materials on a white background.

photo by Jo Edwards / ravelry.com

Find this pattern on jototheworld.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Bernadette Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern

With this intermediate project by Kate Kosenko you are ready to create a functional and stylish accessory with a boho flair. The tote bag has a simple construction that involves crocheting squares and joining them seamlessly as you go. Whether going shopping or heading out to the beach, this handmade bag will suit many occasions.

Level: intermediate  Author: Kate Kosenko (Veselunka)

Two pictures of a woman holding a crocheted bag featuring summer vibes.

photos by Kate Kosenko (Veselunka) / ravelry.com

Find this pattern on hobbii.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Breezy Days Daisy Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Stephanie Jessica Lau’s crocheted tote bag features a vintage-inspired design consisting of 13 granny squares uniquely seamed together. You can choose from various color combinations or go for a single color to create a personalized and elegant medium-sized bag. In this project, nostalgic charm, modern minimalism, and everyday functionality meet in one trendy accessory.

Level: upper beginner  Author: Stephanie Jessica Lau

A woman showcasing a crocheted bag adorned with daisies, perfect for summer.

photos by Stephanie Jessica Lau / ravelry.com

Find this pattern on allaboutami.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

Sunny Tote Free Crochet Pattern

Turn your granny squares into an amazing summer tote. Red and sunny yellow complement each other but you can use other colors too. Perfect bag for hitting the streets because it will hold all your essentials and also add to your look.

Level: upper beginner  Author: DROPS Desing

Crochet Tote

The original pattern is on Garnstudio. More info on Ravelry. Info about this version and the photos are on Ravelry.

Native Sun Square Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Beautiful colors! This boho-style bag pattern is made with 8 textured granny squares. With a fringe and beaded tassels, this cute bag looks great with flowy dresses and shorts. Sonya Blackstone rocks!

Level: intermediate  Author: Sonya Blackstone

Crochet Square Bag

The original pattern and the photos are on Blackstone Design. More info on Ravelry.

Granny Colours Autumn Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern

A beautiful accessory not only for autumn! You can pick your favorite colors and wear your tote bag all year round or make a special color version for each season. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It certainly will be with this pattern by Barbara Roncaglioni!

Level:upper beginner Author: Barbara Roncaglioni

Granny Tote Bag

The original pattern and the photos are on Ravelry.

Daisy Bum Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Beautiful squares and a beautiful bag! If you are looking for original ideas for crochet blocks, this bag designed by Crafted by Cat is definitely something you should try. Use your favorite colors or crochet it for a friend or a family member!

Level: beginner Author: Crafted by Cat

Crochet Bag

The original pattern is on Crafted by Cat. The photos are on Instagram: top and bottom.

Daisy Square Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Which crocheter can live without daisy granny squares? We certainly couldn’t! This one designed by Lululoves Crochet has a retro vibe and a lovely texture. Perfect not only for blankets but also for bags and scarves. Try it!

Level: upper beginner Author: Lululoves Crochet

Daisy Square Crochet Bag

The original pattern (for the squares only) and the photos are on Lulu Loves. The bottom photo is on Instagram.

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