Patchwork Sweaters – Free Knitting Patterns

Hello there, crafty fashion lovers! What’s up? We have a special, super trendy treat for you today – free knitting patterns for Patchwork Cardigans. If you like modern handmade fashion, you are certainly going to fall in love with this idea by JW Anderson, recreated by two brilliant artists. Which color version are you going to go for? We are so curious! The final effect will be out of this world anyway, undoubtedly! Bold shades or pastels? Let us know! Check out these free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

Time for funk! We are obsessed with all the bold colors annie-eclb used in this version of the brilliant knitting patterns for patchwork cardigans by JW Anderson. You need a pop o color like this one in your life for spring, undoubtedly! So do we!

Level: upper beginner Author: JW Anderson/ annie-eclb

The original pattern is on More info on Info about this version by annie-eclb and the photos are on

Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

This color palette is truly poetic! We fell head over heels in love with this version of the patchwork cardigan. What do you think? So chic! Feuerfangen has a taste for fashionable shades, evidently. Get inspired by her wonderful art! We certainly did!

Level: upper beginner Author: JW Anderson/Feuerfangen

The original pattern is on More info on Info about this version by Feuerfangen and the photos are on

Festival Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

This knit cardigan by suzy rai is absolutely one of a kind! Wouldn’t it be just perfect for spring days and summer evenings? If you like unique fashion designs, you have certainly found something to wear here. All the colors make our heads spin!

Level: upper beginner Author: suzy rai

The original pattern and the photos are on The free tutorial is on Instagram. More info on

Swatch It Up Sweater Free Knitting Pattern

Wow, this sweater is fabulous! Such a beautiful, bold fashion statement by The Crafty MD. This wonder will serve you no matter the season. You can experiment with colors here in order to suit your personal taste. We bet you won’t stop after just one version!

Level: upper beginner Author: The Crafty MD

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on


What kind of yarn to choose for patchwork sweaters?

Your choice of yarn should of course depends on the season and the desired final effect! If you are knitting a warm sweater for autumn and winter that is meant to give you the feeling of perfect coziness, you should go for super chunky yarn. You will end up with a weighty piece and that cool vibe we all look for in patchwork sweaters. For warmer days, worsted weight yarn will work perfectly as well.

Can a beginner knit a patchwork sweater?

Absolutely! The skill level in these kinds of patterns ranges from complete beginner to intermediate, so you can easily find projects that do not require much experience. Quite basic stitches are usually used for squares in patchwork sweaters and not much precision is needed. Easy and fun!

How to choose colors for patchwork sweaters?

In the world of knitting patterns for patchwork sweaters, the more colorful the better! Bold color combinations are the essence of these projects, so feel free to set your creative spirit free and experiment. Sky is the limit!

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  1. Hi, I think the links for the second pattern aren’t right, they keep taking me to the information for the first cardigan listed. Thanks!

    1. Hi Celeste, the second one is based on the same pattern as the first one. The author interpreted the pattern in this way. Hope this helps!

  2. ‘I can’t find download for Big Block Pull over that was shown in pastel colors. I did register with Raverly

  3. Sorry, cannot find the Festival Cardigan “free pattern.” I went to the “Love” and it says it is $2.98

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