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Colorful Knitted Pillows – Free Patterns

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Knitted pillows are here, cuties! Have you just moved house or thinking of refreshing the look of your living room? There are some simple tricks that interior designers use. Accessorizing is certainly the easiest way to redecorate and show off your personality. So instead of buying cans of paint why not grab your needles and rummage through your stash? Surely you`ll find plenty of beautiful scraps that you can use to make Colorful Knitted Pillows. They will instantly bring a pop of color to any room.

Whether delicate and elegant or classics with a nostalgic feel, these pillows will definitely create a decorative element. They will cozy up your home and while you`re on a couch with your head on a pillow you will definitely feel relaxed and peaceful. Check out these free patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Sunrise Memories Free Knitting Pattern

Are you wondering how to spice your decor in the bedroom or the living room? We have an idea! Knit an elegant cover in pastel shades and a wavy pattern. The one by DROPS design looks delicate and will make a delightful accessory to any room.

Level: upper beginner Author: DROPS design

Knit Pillow

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Peru Cushion Free Knitting Pattern

Bring a pop of color to your home with this lovely cushion created by the one and only Hobbii Design team. Zigzag pattern in your favorite shades is surely a timeless combination! Well then? What shades are you going to go for?

Level: intermediate Author: Hobbii Design

Knit Cushion

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Bex Pillow Free Knitting Pattern

How original are these pillows designed by awesome Stephanie Earp? So one of a kind! We love the bold, eye-catching patterns and the unusual combinations of colors. Knit a few, you will immediately feel comfy and fabulous!

Level: upper beginner Author: Stephanie Earp

Knit Pillow

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on



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