Classic Granny Blankets Free Crochet Patterns

Granny Blankets – Free Crochet Patterns

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Good ol’ granny stitch, who doesn’t love you? Come check out these granny blankets with free crochet patterns! Do you prefer granny squares or working in rows? Colorful or monochrome? This stitch is very forgiving, and you can do it all. Don’t worry, in our mini-collection of free crochet patterns for Classic Granny Blankets, everybody can find something for themselves. If you don’t want to make a blanket now, it’s ok, too! These great blanket patterns can be very useful in other projects. Just use the stitches or squares to create your own designs. Play with colors to match your style, and create something special! Grab your crochet hook and start today, or save it to your bookmarks for later. Check out these free patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

If you need more inspiration, check out our collections of  Summer Granny Squares and Flower Hexagons.


Classic Granny Stitch Blankets

Spiked Granny Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This is a level one blanket for those of you who just started the journey with crochet. The stitch is very easy, and working each row in different colors will create a beautiful crazy pattern.

Level: beginner AuthorTaylor Ferguson

Spiked Granny Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Ravelry

Flower Pop Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

These cute squares have star-like centers but are based on the classic granny stitch. Magic, isn’t it? It’s a lovely variation of colors and shapes too! Use scraps of yarn to create a faerie of lively shades!

Level: upper beginner AuthorCarolyn Calderon

Flower Pop Granny Square

The original pattern and the photos are on The Purple Poncho. More info on Ravelry.

Very Basic Granny Square Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Almost classic granny squares, equally simple and easy to make. The center is worked in a circle, but we all know what happens next. Change the colors for every row to create an ombre effect.

Level: beginner AuthorCassandra Curtis

Very Basic Granny Square Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Cass Crochet. More info on Ravelry.

Rectangle Granny Crochet Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This huge granny square is a dream come true for all crochet lovers! Even if you are a beginner, you can easily make yourself a lovely blanket to make cold evenings delightful. Use bulky yarn for extra coziness and warmth. This trick always works!

Level: beginner Author: Yarnspirations

Rectangle Granny Crochet Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Yarnspirations and Instagram.

Granny Square Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

What a beautiful granny square blanket! If you are in the mood for the classic, you are certainly going to fall in love with this crochet pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon. Even beginners will easily learn how to crochet this colorful gem.

Level: upper beginner Author: Maria’s Blue Crayon

Crochet Square Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on Maria’s Blue Crayon. More info on Ravelry.

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  1. I had a pattern 30 years ago for a granny square that had treble stitch in it which I can’t find. I was wondering if you have a this type of pattern?

    Thank you
    Mary Sargent

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