Colorful Birds – Free Crochet Patterns

Colorful Crochet Birds are here to announce the official beginning of the joyful season! In our online crochet community, it’s the time of flowers in all shapes or forms, lightweight shawls, and adorable amigurumi creatures. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Obviously!  Decorating your house and garden with today’s designs will surely make your family smile. Check out these free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Bird and Birdhouse Free Crochet Pattern

Have you ever built a birdhouse? Now you have the opportunity to crochet one and let a lovely family of colorful amigurumi birds into it. If you want the whole neighborhood to compliment your crocheting skills, put this decoration in your garden and wait! So simple, right?

Level: upper beginner Author: Jackie Laing

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Birdie Decoration Free Crochet Pattern

Hello, is it spring already? I can certainly feel it, and… hear it! With first loud chirps of the birds, warm winds announce the new season. This decoration is perfect for this time of year! You can use it inside the house or make a wreath and decorate it. These little friends feel the best when in a pack, so don’t hesitate and make a bunch today, it’s easy!

Level: beginner Author: Lucy of Attic24

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Summer Breeze Amis: Seagull Free Crochet Pattern

What a cool idea for a simple amigurumi project! Seriously, how cute is this little crochet seagull? If you want to keep summer vibes in your house for a little bit longer, use crochet birds for decoration. You can get so creative!

Level: beginner Author: Amination

The original pattern and the top photo are on The bottom photo is on Instagram.

Little Birdie Free Crochet Pattern

What a charming decoration! We are aware that spring seems far away, but hey! Gathering crochet patterns for a new season in advance is always a smart strategy. If you are a fan of birds, you should take this little cutie by Elisa Sartori under consideration. So cute!

Level: beginner Author: Elisa Sartori

The original pattern and the photos are on

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