Adorable Hooded Blankets

If you`re thinking of those cool camping trips or evenings at the beach then Adorable Hooded Blankets will be the perfect thing to take with you. They will be a big hit with children and adults too because they are not only warm and cozy but also versatile. When not in use most of these blankets fold into a pillow therefore they won`t take up much space. Another great use for these blankets is that kids can wear them whilst playing and also dressing up. Moreover they look so attractive and lovely in a pram or a cot. In addition they make a beautiful accessory to a woodland or magical themed nursery. Finally these adorable blankets will be a treasured gift for your family and friends. Check out these patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Lil’ Bandit Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Cute raccoon blanket will keep your little ones nice and warm as well as entertained. Use a chunky yarn to crochet this easy blanket to make it extra soft and cuddly.

Level: beginner  Author: Bernat Design Studio

You will find the pattern here. More info here.


Crochet Hooded Unicorn Blanket Free Pattern

This magical unicorn blanket is simple and such fun to make. Easily adjustable to and adult size blanket because not only kids will love it. Add some shiny strands to the horn and create a colorful mane too.

Level: beginner Author: Jones Crafted

You will find the pattern here. More info here.


2 in 1 Sea Turtle Tortoise Hooded Blanket Crochet Pattern

This hooded blanket doubles up as a full body blanket with mittens as well as a room decoration. The design uses hexagons that you can customize with favorite colors. This is a paid pattern.

Level: upper beginner/intermediate Author: Crafting Happiness

Lion Brand Yarn 545-201 Landscapes Yarn, Boardwalk

Price: $10.36

You will find the pattern here


Like a Fox Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Such fun foxy hood with adorable ears gives this blanket maximum coziness. It will make a unique shower gift for a brightly colored nursery.

Level: beginner  Author: Bernat Design Studio

You will find the pattern here. More info here.


Cuddle Up Unicorn Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Who wouldn`t love to cuddle up in such a magical blanket. Using corner to corner technique you can whip it in no time. Just add the ears and a horn to the hood and if you prefer you could also create a colorful mane.

Level: beginner Author: Tamara Kelly

You will find the pattern here. More info here. This particular version can be found here.


Hooded Woodland Deer Blanket Crochet Pattern

You can wrap yourself in this chunky blanket because the paid pattern also includes an adult sizing. The deer attributes such as horns, spots and hoof mittens are all there and it looks so adorable.

Level: intermediate  Author: MJ’s Off The Hook Designs

You will find the pattern here


Yawn the Sheep Free Crochet Pattern

This cute baby sack uses faux sheepskin to create a snuggly and cozy texture. It features adorable floppy ears and button fastening for convenience.

Level: beginner  Author: Yarnspirations Design Studio

You will find the pattern here. More info here.


Envelope Baby Sack Free Crochet Pattern

This envelope baby sack may look intricate but in fact is so easy because it only uses two squares that you sew together. You can replace the stripy colorwork with your favorite scheme or customize it.

Level: beginner  Author: Yarnspirations Design Studio

You will find the pattern here. More info here.


Cute Hooded Wearable Pony Afghan Crochet Pattern

Follow this paid pattern to create gorgeous unicorn blanket that will make a perfect gift. Adults will love it too and with curly mane and scalloped edging this is definitely an eye catching piece.

Level: beginner Author: BriAbbyHMA

You will find the pattern here


Sock Monkey Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This is a perfect children`s blanket not only for monkeying around. Cute colors and textures are a delight and it features mittens that will also keep the little hands cozy and warm.

Level: intermediate Author: Linda Cyr

You will find the pattern here. More info here.

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