Two patchwork cardigans hanging on a hanger.

Patchwork Cardigans and Sweaters – Free Knitting Patterns

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We have a special, super trendy treat for you today – free knitting Patchwork Cardigan and Sweater Patterns.

Yarn is a medium for creativity, so if you like modern fashion, you are certainly going to love these ideas. Brilliant artists recreated this cardigan knitting pattern design in hundreds of versions.

Patchwork is a technique that involves sewing together pieces of fabric in different designs, colours and textures. Therefore, when knitting clothes with this method, you can really let your imagination run wild.

It’s something about knitted patchwork cardigans that makes them so appealing. You’re always sure to create an original outfit with them. Patchwork patterns make the latest trend in modern fashion. And as if that wasn’t enough, those cardigans are extremely comfortable to wear.

There are endless possibilities for making a patchwork cardigan. Take a look at these fabulous patterns below you won’t be able to resist.

When you make a patchwork cardigan for yourself you want it to be unique. So, feel free to take these amazing knitting projects as inspiration!

Which color version are you going to go for? We are so curious! The final effect will be out of this world anyway, undoubtedly!

Bold shades or pastels? Please share your thoughts with us.

Check out these free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Patchwork Cardigan Knitting Patterns

1. Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan

It’s time for fashion in Harry Styles’ manner! We love all the bold colors annie-eclb used in this version. It’s the brilliant knitting pattern for a patchwork cardigan by JW Anderson.

You need a pop of color like this one in your life for spring, undoubtedly!

Be sure to use a tubular bind off for the collar, waistband and cuffs to achieve the same nice finished look. And you’ll need quite a range of yarn colours to make it too!

Buttons make yet another feature you cannot miss about this fabulous cardigan pattern. So, be sure to add them at the end!

Level: upper beginner Author: JW Anderson / annie-eclb

Knitted Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan

The original pattern is on Info about this version by annie-eclb and the photos are on

2. Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan

This color palette is truly poetic! We fell head over heels in love with this version of the patchwork sweater. What do you think?

This patchwork cardigan pattern features a versatile colour scheme, without making it any less special. That way you can pair it with plenty of outfits from your wardrobe to create a lovely look!

Feuerfangen has a taste for fashionable shades, evidently. She based this knitted sweater on a viral patchwork cardi pattern. We feel inspired by her great artwork, and so will you!

As you can see in the picture, the cut is quite baggy which makes this cardigan ultra comfy to wear. Would like to check it for yourself? Be sure to give this one a try! 

Level: upper beginner Author: JW Anderson / Feuerfangen

Knitted Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan

The original pattern is on For additional info about this version by Feuerfangen and the photos please visit

3. Festival Cardigan

This knit cardigan by suzy rai is absolutely one of a kind! Wouldn’t it be just perfect for spring days and summer evenings? This patchwork cardigan pattern is beginner friendly and pretty quick to knit.

Especially, if you are using recommended bulky yarn or even a medium-weight yarn. It is also a perfect project for any scrap yarn that is waiting for you to use it up.

Make your own unique colour pallette or follow the shades in the picture! If you like unique fashion designs, you have certainly found something to wear here. All the colors make our heads spin! 

As you probably know, baggy sleeves come as the latest fashion trend, and this patchwork cardigan has them already! Still wondering whether you should give it a go?

Level: upper beginner Author: suzy rai

Knit Cardigan

Find this pattern on The free tutorial is on

4. Swatch It Up Sweater

This cardigan free knitting pattern is amazing, I must say! Such a beautiful, bold fashion statement by The Crafty MD. This wonder will serve you no matter the season.

It has a beautiful boat neck that will subtly reveal your neckline and shoulders. We’ve already fallen in love with the feminine look it gets.

Not only is this patchwork sweater pattern great for beginners, but will also teach you few new stitches. It is also easy to customize with different yarn types and knitting gauge, just read your yarn label.

Moreover,  you can experiment with colors here in order to suit your personal taste. Would you like this cardigan to end up in our wardrobe? We are confident that you will not cease at a single version!

Level: upper beginner Author: The Crafty MD

Knitted Sweater

Find this pattern on, or


What kind of yarn to choose for patchwork sweaters?

Your choice of popular yarn should of course depends on the season and the desired final effect! If you are a knitter or crocheter in need of a warm sweater, you should go for super chunky yarn. It will give you the feeling of perfect coziness for autumn and winter.

You will end up with a weighty piece and that cool vibe we all look for in patchwork sweaters. For warmer days, worsted-weight yarn, weight yarn will work perfectly as well.

Can a beginner knit a patchwork sweater?

Absolutely! These patterns range in difficulty from complete beginner to intermediate, so we’ve got you covered. You can easily find projects that do not require much experience. Patchwork sweaters usually use squares with basic stitches, so they don’t require much precision.

Go for the patterns that suit your knitting skills so that the whole process of creation will be fun for you. However, if you find some stitches you don’t know, don’t feel discouraged. It’s a perfect occasion to learn something new, just follow the instructions given by the authors.

How to choose colors for patchwork sweaters?

In the world of knitting patterns for patchwork sweaters, the more colorful the better! Bold color combinations are the essence of these projects, so feel free to set your creative spirit free and experiment.

Bold colours certainly help to achieve the distinct look of the patchwork cardigan. However, subtler shades will get your seater look more elegant. It’s really up to you which colour solution you will go for.

How many squares does it take to make a Harry Styles cardigan?

A Harry Styles cardigan has really captured your heart, hasn’t it? It’s a true patchwork gem. To knit it you’ll need 85 squares in different colours.

Be sure to make 5 x5 squares for the back and 2 x 5 squares for each front. While 4 x 5 squares should work for each sleeve. Using this number of squares will give you the oversized cut this remarkable cardigan pattern has.

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