Fancy Knit Dolls Free Patterns

Fancy Knit Dolls Free Patterns

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You surely can’t wait to start knitting these adorable doll pieces! Are you wondering what to do with these fancy knitted dolls patterns though?

You can obviously gift them to your kids, grandkids or siblings. However, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if you kept them for yourself! Your day at work will surely be more fun with a pretty handmade doll sitting on your desk.

When making a knitted doll like this, you have multiple options to customise it as you like. You can use colours of your choice to give it different hair or outfit colour than the one in the pattern.

Have more experience as a knitter? If so, you can even change doll clothes or expression on its face. As you can see, the field of possibilities is huge. So be sure to choose one of the beautiful knitting doll designs below and let your imagination run wild!

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Free Knitted Dolls Patterns

The Girlfriends

How fabulous are these knitted dolls with their long hair, girly dresses, and cute beret hats? This doll design by Ekaterina Popova looks very charming!

They make a great gift idea for children but also for adults! They will look beautiful in your children’s room. They will surely become their favourite toy!

Wondering if you have the enough experience to make it? This one makes a lovely project for those who already know the basics. However, with step-by-step photographed instructions provided by the author, the doll is quick and easy to knit.

Use preferably washable Polyester to stuff the toy, so you can wash the doll without any trouble. You will also need a tapestry needle with a rounded point for sewing together its pieces. Plastic-headed pins will help you when knitting the eyes and mouth. Also, make sure to use 2.75mm knitting needles to work this knitting pattern.

Would you like to have these two beautiful knitted dolls in your room? Get ready to give this wonderful knit pattern a try!

Level: upper beginner Author: Ekaterina Popova

The Girlfriends Free Knitting Pattern

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Little Girl DODO

Look at this spectacular hairstyle! She has an outfit with a retro vibe and orange hairpins. Do you feel like you two can become real soulmates? It’s a perfect gift for a child that will surely make their bestfriend!

This amazing doll pattern by Iruda Jinny even beginners will find remarkably easy to tackle. What’s more, the author has made a video tutorial to help you go through the most difficult stages of the project.

As with any type of amigurumi you will need needles in a smaller size to make it. If you want your doll to have the same cool hairstyle use curly yarn for the same stunning results.

Be sure to knit a bunch of these beautiful dolls because the more always means the merrier!

Level: upper beginner Author: Iruda Jinny

Little Girl DODO Free Knitting Pattern

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How do you put a mouth on a knitted doll?

Knitting our doll’s mouth, nose, or eyes can make a tricky part, especially for beginners. How can you do it to get satisfying results and a beautiful smile for your doll? The best way to deal with this is to use pins for marking.

First, insert the needle at the open part of the head and bring it out where its smile should start. Then insert the needle where the smile will end and bring it out at the open part of the head. Finally, pull the yarn though. Don’t make it too tight for a slight curve to get the smile, and done!

Is it easier to knit or crochet a doll?

It’s impossible to give a definite answer, but as a rule, crocheted amigurumi come as considered easier to make. Knitted projects may require more skill and have a more fragile structure.

However, most of the knitted dolls patterns gathered here will make easy projects for both experienced and beginner knitters. What’s more, each project comes with a detailed text, photo or video description for full guidance. Therefore, you can be sure that knitting these beautiful dolls will be quick and fun for you!

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