Fancy Knit Dolls Free Patterns

We bet you can’t wait to start knitting these adorable ladies, can you? Are you wondering what to do with Fancy Knit Dolls though? You can obviously gift them to your kids, grandkids or siblings, but we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if you kept them for yourself! Your day at work will surely be more fun with a pretty handmade doll sitting on your desk. Check out the free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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The Girlfriends Free Knitting Pattern

How fabulous are these knitted dolls with their long hair, girly dresses, and cute beret hats? Irresistible! Who wouldn’t want those two to be their girlfriends? We certainly would! This is a lovely spring project for knitters with a bit of experience.

Level: upper beginner Author: Ekaterina Popova

You will find the pattern here.

Little Girl DODO Free Knitting Pattern

Wow, this doll has a spectacular hairstyle, without a doubt! She has an outfit with a retro vibe and orange hairpins. Do you feel like you two can become real soulmates? We thought so! Knit a bunch of these dolls because the more always means the merrier!

Level: upper beginner Author: Iruda Jinny

You will find the pattern here. More info here.


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