Easy Animals From A Square – Free Knitting Patterns

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Would you believe it if I told you that you can create the cutest animals only from a square? You can make sorts of creatures this way, but today we chose a bunny and a cat. They’re simply adorable and you will definitely have fun while knitting them. Be sure to make one of these cute knitted animal patterns!

Although they are perfect projects for beginners I’m sure experienced knitters will also enjoy them. Use leftover yarn and play with different stitches as well to create lovely textures.

These Easy Animals from a Square will definitely make a great last-minute gift for children. Moreover, they will also be fantastic projects for charities or fairs.

Check out these free patterns under the links below. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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knitted animals From a Square Free Pattern Ideas

Knit Bunny from a Square

Knit a flat square and transform it into a cute bunny. This knitted animal pattern by Kristen McDonnell is so simple even beginners will find it remarkably easy to tackle.

You work the square with the use of the garter stitch, which is an absolute basic for a beginner knitter. Use Aran or worsted weighted yarn to get the same thick and very soft texture for your project. Make also sure that you have a tapestry needle in your toolkit. It will come in handy for stitching some of its parts together.

What’s best about these kinds of animal patterns is that you can use whatever shade you like for making them. And we can assure you they will look fabulous! Be also sure to try it in different stitches and certainly don’t forget about a fluffy tail.

As the pattern depicts a lovely bunny figure it can make a perfect decorative piece for Easter celebrations! Decorate your table or Easter basket with this cute little bunny and get into the holiday spirit.

It will also make a wonderful gift for children who just love stuffed knitted toys. We are sure that this bunny would quickly become their favorite playmate. Therefore, you should definitely give it a go! And if you like the final results, maybe you’ll even feel tempted to knit a whole group of cute little bunnies.

Level: beginner Author: Kristen McDonnell

Find this pattern on studioknitsf.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

3 Square Plush Cat Free Knitting Pattern

This is definitely the simplest knit cat you could find and just how adorable it is. We are sure knitters with any skill level will find it easy to knit.

It requires you to work it flat in three square pieces that you need to seam together at the end. This will produce a beautiful cat-shaped knitted piece. For the finishing touch, add two buttons for the eyes and knit its mouth.

This cute little kitty makes a great gift idea for kids who find popular teddy bears too boring to play with. However, if you plan to give it to a baby replace button eyes with embroidered ones. This will eliminate the risk of a child swallowing them and will make your gift fully safe.

Be sure to employ Aran yarn to work this pattern and get the same stunning effects! It will make your knitted cat super soft and fluffy but also durable. In other words, you will find this lovely kitty pattern perfect for cuddles!

Make it in different colors too for a sweet animal toy. But how about turning it into a Halloween decoration? A black-coloured yarn would give a bit of a spooky look, without a doubt!

You must admit that the pattern offers multiple possibilities for you to customize it. You should definitely give it a go! Already have your knitting needles and favorite yarn at hand? Then be sure to go and make it happen!

Level: beginner Author: Gina Michele

3 Square Plush Cat Free Knitting Pattern

Find this pattern on gina-michele.com, or read more on ravelry.com.


What animals can I knit?

We have very good news for you because the answer to that question goes “Sky is the limit!”. In fact, you can make any animal you like. Of course, it is much easier to base on already developed knitted patterns.

These days you can easily find patterns for a whole variety of different knitted animals on the Internet. Those that you can knit from a square become more accessible too!

The most popular ones feature dogs, cats, teddy bears, rabbits, birds, or mice. However, as a result of the ingenious work of knitter designers, you may also find patterns for more exotic animals. These include for example snails, elephants, alligators, dragons, or turtles.

Already feeling inspired? If so, be sure to find your favorite animal pattern and enjoy knitting it!

What is the best yarn for knitting animals?

Cotton yarn works very well for knitting stuffed animals. It is very soft to the touch and machine washable. As such, you can keep your projects clean, whether they serve as decorations or make your children’s toys. What’s more, the cotton yarn is durable enough for your knitted animals to easily stand the test of time.

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