Cute Fish Amigurumi Free Crochet Patterns

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Cute Fish Amigurumi patterns are today`s theme! Dive deep into your yarn stash for colorful scraps and crochet your own ocean pets. They are easy to make so even a complete beginner will do a great job. Use your imagination – make a bunch of these amigurumi toys for creating an aquarium playset, mobiles, keyrings, or maybe even a cat toy. Whether big or small, everyone will enjoy the cute fish that can be played with out of water. Check out these free patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more creative ideas!


If you need more inspiration, check out our collections of Camper Van Amigurumi and Lovely Mermaid Amigurumi.

free amigurumi fish patterns

Mosaic Goldfish

This tiny goldfish is a precious project full of unexpected details. Crocheter behind Sweet Softies put a lot of thought into every little part – from the tail to the scales and the fins. Use up leftover yarn ends to create a bunch of cute fish in various colors, and then give them to your loved ones as charms.

Level: upper beginner Author: Sweet Softies

photos by Sweet Softies /

Find this pattern on, or


Don’t wait any minute longer – just grab your hook, yarn, and make this adorable little fish! If you’ve never tried amigurumi, it’s your sign to start learning. DollsBerries’ free pattern includes color changes and the joining of elements, but it’s pretty small and good for beginners.

Level: upper beginner Author: DollsBerries

photos by DollsBerries / top photo, bottom photo

Find this pattern on

Baby Dory

This tiny blue tang by Lupita Suarez doesn’t have to live in the coral reefs. Instead, you can keep her in your pocket or have your kids befriend her. Oh, we love fish amigurumi patterns so much.

Level: beginner Author: Lupita Suarez

Crochet Fish

The original pattern and the photos are on Loopy Yarn.  More info on Ravelry.

Finn the Fish

Thanks to the pretty long tails of the fish, this crochet design by  Tamara Ramsey really stands out. Make Finn the Fish in vibrant colours and do not forget to crochet a whole bunch of his friends too.

Level: beginner Author: Tamara Ramsey

Crochet Fish

The original pattern and the photos are on Stuff and Fluff. More info on Ravelry.

Baby Pufferfish

Use contrasting yarn for the fins and mouth or replace it with felt. For baby pufferfish not to get bored on its own, make the whole school to keep each other a company. NeedleNoodles rocks!

Level: beginner Author: NeedleNoodles

Crochet Pufferfish

This pattern is no longer available.


Beginner-friendly technique and no stuffing! If you are new to the world of crochet toys, do not get intimidated. This pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet is easy and fun no matter your skill level. Use velvet pink yarn for an extra soft effect!

Level: beginner Author: Spin a Yarn Crochet

Crochet Blobfish

The original pattern and the photos are on Spin a Yarn Crochet.  More info on Ravelry.

Kissy Fish

Time for a kiss! How adorable is this crochet pattern for colorful amigurumi fish released by critter_stitch? All the crafters who need some amigurumi inspiration should certainly follow this artist’s work! Try the fish and you will understand what we mean!

Level: upper beginner Author: critter_stitch

Crochet Fish

The original pattern is on Critter Stitch.  More info and the photos are on Instagram.

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