Cute Crochet Baby Dresses

10+ Cute Crochet Baby Dress Ideas and Free Patterns

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No matter the season, there’s always time for mom and dad to make colorful crochet baby dresses.

Crocheting these sweet garments will surely be fun. If you don’t know how to sew, baby clothes are just as great crocheted. Or better! Especially since they are also pretty easy to make!

Cute Crochet Baby Dresses will hopefully inspire you to create adorable accessories for your own additions or as a baby gift. They look like they come straight from baby books.

New parents will definitely love these designs because they are stylish and versatile. They can be worn as everyday outfits or kept for special occasions.

These dresses are easy to customize and decorate. If you`re using special stitches such as shells then keep the decorations to a minimum. However, for all those simple designs you can surely add bows, flowers, or ruffles.

Check out these patterns and video tutorials under the links below. And follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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free crochet baby dress patterns

1. Baby Dress

When I was a beginner crocheter, I thought that making anything wearable required a lot of skill. How big was my surprise when I discovered easy crochet hats, fingerless mittens, and lacy beach covers! When it comes to baby clothing, they are even better – work up faster and eat less yarn. Take a look at the photos and see how adorable basic stitch baby dresses can be!

Level: beginner Author: Melissa Hassler

two-tone crochet baby dresses in yellow and blue

photo by Melissa Hassler /

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2. Crochet Houndstooth Baby Dress

Designers from Daisy Farm Crafts lead in the baby blanket designs, but every now and then they surprise us with a baby clothing pattern. This time, it’s this adorable dress for a little princess – just look at it! The crochet houndstooth stitch creates a delicate texture and a beautiful two-colored pattern. 

Level: beginner Author: Daisy Farm Crafts

yellow houndstooth crochet baby dress

photo by Daisy Farm Crafts /

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3. Puff Stitch Toddler Dress

This colorful quick and easy baby dress by Lindsey Dale will be perfect not only for summer.

You can easily put it over a top as well, so your little one can rock it all year round. Puff stitches add a lovely texture and create a perfect finishing touch.

Level: medium Author: Lindsey Dale

Puff Stitch Toddler Dress

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4. Happy Hearts Baby Dress 

This stylish dress will surely be a hit among parents and grandparents who love to crochet. And a perfect gift!

The pretty simple design by Nadia Fuad features popcorn hearts and ruffled sleeves. Such an attractive outfit option for any occasion and any season!

Level: upper beginner Author: Nadia Fuad

Bobble Hearts Baby Dress

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Cotton Candy Jumper – paid pattern

This delicate dress designed by brilliant Crochet Dreamz truly resembles sweet cotton candy. It is lightweight in texture, and your baby girl can definitely wear it over a top. This is a paid pattern that will make a cute baby gift.

Level: beginner Author: CrochetDreamz

Crochet Baby Dress

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5. Vintage Rounded Yoke Dress

Shells are so elegant! For that reason, this free baby dress by Dorianna Rivelli will be perfect for special occasions.

It will look equally pretty in solid shades as well as in multicolor, so choose your combination and start crocheting. There is no time to waste!

Level: medium Author: Dorianna Rivelli

Vintage Rounded Yoke Dress

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6. Promenade Dress 

Ripples look great not only on blankets and scarves! This pattern by HookofLove shows us how to incorporate them into a gorgeous crochet baby dress pattern.

The color choice is yours! Mix and match them for a cheerful effect.

Throw this dress into your diaper bag for long trips with your little fashion princess.

Level: beginner Author: HookofLove

Baby Dress

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7. Caron x Pantone Newborn Dress 

Olga Poltava’s easy crochet patterns always amaze us! This quick and beginner-friendly baby dress will definitely look pretty in a stripy colorwork. Choose either vibrant colors or pale shades for this cute accessory. What would your baby girl prefer?

Level: beginner Author: Olga Poltava

Newborn Dress
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Elisa Baby Dress – Paid pattern

What do you think about this little violet wonder designed by the TLH Patterns team? Pineapple stitch will look so adorable used for a crochet baby dress pattern. This paid one also features a ruffly edging and a flower decoration.

Level: beginner Author: TLH Patterns

Baby Dress
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8. Crocheted Baby Dress 

A sweet crochet dress is a staple in every little girl’s wardrobe. With attractive shell stitches, you can also crochet a matching hat in order to create a cute set. Maybe you need one for a baby shower gift or for a birthday party of a sweet little lady? AamraGul rocks!

Level: beginner Author: AamraGul

Baby Dress
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Mia Dress – paid pattern

Every girl should certainly have a ruffle dress in their wardrobe. This cute gem by Tatiana ZuccalĂ  will be ideal for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. This is a paid pattern, but we think it is definitely worth every penny.

Level: upper beginner Author: Tatiana ZuccalĂ 

Crochet Baby Dress

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9. Spring Party Girl Baby Dress 

This gorgeous baby dress designed by Kim Guzman will surely be perfect for any occasion. And any weather! The pattern features puffy sleeves and a cute stripe with a bow around the waist. Bobble stitches also add an adorable finishing touch.

Level: beginner Author: Kim Guzman

Girl Baby Dress

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10. Boho Baby Lace Dress 

What a beautiful dress by Premier Yarns Design Team! Lacy and lovely, that’s for sure.

This time of the year is evidently ideal for boho inspirations. We are obsessed with them too! Will your little girl adore this dress? Why don’t you try and see?

Level: medium Author: Premier Yarns Design Team

Baby Lace Dress

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11. Over Brook Baby Dress 

This is one of the most delightful baby clothes patterns we have seen in a long time! When it comes to baby girls’ dresses and crochet dress patterns in general, we have the bar set high. So does Krissy’s Over the Mountain Crochet!

Level: medium Author: Krissy’s Over the Mountain Crochet

Crochet Baby Dress

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