Crocheted mittens in different colors.

Adorable and Cozy: 21 Crochet Baby Mittens with Free Patterns

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Crocheting baby mittens is not just a practical craft. It’s a tender expression of care for your little one during chilly days. In this guide, we’ll explore the charm of creating these miniature marvels while keeping your baby snug and stylish. Explore our selections of baby mitten crochet patterns, ranging from newborn size to infant mitten sizes and toddler mitts.

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If you need more inspiration, check out our Cute and Cosy Mittens and Wonderful Chunky Mittens collections. Look for free crochet baby mitten patterns below the pictures.

Choosing the Perfect Yarn

Begin your crochet adventure by selecting a soft, baby-friendly yarn. Opt for a lightweight, hypoallergenic option to ensure utmost comfort for your little one. Consider pastel hues or vibrant shades to add a touch of whimsy to your baby’s winter wardrobe.

Usually, worsted-weight yarn will be a good choice for crochet baby mitts. Superwash yarns are machine washable and will be the best choice if you need a fuss-free accessory.

Essential Tools for the Job

Gather your crochet essentials – a well-fitted crochet hook and a trusty pair of scissors. Ensuring your tools match the yarn weight is key to achieving the desired coziness in the final product. Tapestry needle, called yarn needle may come in handy for weaving in ends.

Basic Stitches, Beautiful Results

Even for beginners, crocheting baby mittens is a breeze. Master basic stitches like single crochet and double crochet. These stitches lay the groundwork for your petite creations, providing warmth and style.

how to crochet baby mittens

These steps show the basic processes behind creating baby mittens. You will find crochet patterns to follow further down the article.

  1. Begin by crocheting a snug cuff, typically using single crochet ribbing. This ensures a secure fit on your baby’s wrist.
  2. Work your way up to the hand section, adjusting the stitch count as needed. A straightforward increase pattern creates a gently curved shape for optimal comfort.
  3. Crochet a separate section for the thumb, seamlessly integrating it into the mitten. This design ensures easy movement for those tiny hands.
  4. Complete your crochet baby mittens by securing the yarn, weaving in ends, and adding embellishments for a charming finish.

Most baby mittens crochet patterns prioritize simplicity, making it ideal for beginners. Craft these adorable mittens to keep your baby warm and fashionable, creating cherished keepsakes with every stitch. Ready to embark on this cozy journey? Grab your yarn and hook, and let’s crochet comfort for your little bundle of joy!

crochet baby mittens without thumb – Free Patterns

1. Newborn Mittens

Tiny baby fingers don’t need a special thumb section in the mitt. That’s why these newborn gloves are so easy and quick to make. They will keep the smallest hands warm and cozy during winter strolls. As you can see in the photos, Aunt B’s project has a lovely bow on each mitt, but it’s optional.

Level: beginner Author: Aunt B’s Loops and Stitches

Crocheted mittens with the words newborn mittens.

photo by Aunt B’s Loops and Stitches /

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2. Cute & Cosy Baby Mittens Crochet Pattern

If you’re familiar with crochet moss stitch, you’ll be happy to try this project. Ling Ryan designed a pair of mitts that use spiked moss stitch – a variation of this classic technique. As you can see in the photos, these cute accessories look very professional, especially if you go for a different color for the cuffs.

Level: beginner Author: Ling Ryan

Crocheted mittens with the words hooked on patterns.

photo by Ling Ryan /

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3. Crochet Baby Mittens Pattern

Surprising expecting parents with handmade baby accessories is not that hard, and you don’t need much skill to start with. Crochet baby mittens are stupidly easy to make, and all you need to make them look special is some ribbon. Follow Lisa’s free pattern and make some this weekend.

Level: beginner Author: Lisa Hooper

Crochet baby mittens with pink ribbons and bows.

photo by Lisa Hooper /

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4. Cutie Baby Mitts

Color blocking is a well-known method for making projects more interesting, and the crocheter behind Crochet ‘n’ Create knows it well. Her simple newborn crochet mittens are finished with shell stitches that create a scalloped edging.

Level: beginner Author: Crochet ‘n’ Create

Crocheted mittens with pink, blue and white bows.

photo by Crochet ‘n’ Create /

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5. No Seam Thumbless Baby Mittens

Practice crocheting in the round with this free baby mitten pattern from Katie Cooks and Crafts. There’s nothing easier than just going round after round and making single crochet stitches. You won’t even notice when you’re done – that’s how quickly these mitts work up!

Level: beginner Author: Katie Cooks and Crafts

A pair of purple knitted mittens with a bow.

photo by Katie Cooks and Crafts /

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6. Velvet Baby Mittens

If you’ve never worked with velvet yarn before, this is your sign to try it. This super soft alternative to wool has a unique texture, that will be perfect for your baby’s little hands. The crocheter from The Turtle Trunk adorned her mitts with a delicate velvet ribbon in a contrasting color.

Level: beginner Author: The Turtle Trunk

Mittens with bows and pine cones on a table.

photo by The Turtle Trunk /

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7. Crochet Baby Mittens – Winter snowflake

Keep your baby warm and cozy this winter with adorable striped mitts from Doroteja. Her pattern uses quite thick yarn and features classic red and white stripes. What makes this pair stand out, however, is the addition of wooden buttons and a string to join the two mitts together.

Level: beginner Author: Croby Patterns – Doroteja

Crocheted mittens in red and white with buttons.

photo by Croby Patterns – Doroteja /

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8. Baby Mittens

Sometimes simplicity is the key, and staying in the territory of neutral shades is what you need. Jamey’s project starts just like any other, but it features a lovely little detail at the cuff. It looks especially great when you use contrasting yarn, so try out some color combinations.

Level: beginner Author: Jamey from Dabbles & Babbles

A pair of crocheted mittens on a table.

photo by Jamey from Dabbles & Babbles /

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9. Bobble Crochet Baby Mittens

Make baby mittens fun again with this pattern from Maisie and Ruth! The simplest mitt shape is adorned with bobble stitches and features vibrant colors. See if you’re instantly cheered up just by looking at the photos below – I definitely am!

Level: beginner Author: Maisie and Ruth

A set of crocheted mittens in different colors.

photo by Maisie and Ruth /

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10. Baby Mittens in Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca yarn is among the most delicate wools on the market, characterized by its lovely sheen and softness. The designer behind Diving Ducks Crochet created an easy-to-follow crochet pattern for baby mitts. The classic shape and ribbed cuffs are all achieved with basic stitches.

Level: beginner Author: Diving Ducks Crochet

Two pictures of knitted mittens on a green background.

photo by Diving Ducks Crochet /

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11. The Easy-On, No Scratch Baby Mitten

When working on baby accessories, it’s very important to choose the right yarn. Baby’s skin is very delicate, so you have to choose the yarn with special certificates. Oombawka’s mitten design ensures it’s easy to put on a baby’s hands, and it has an adjustable strap on the wrist. 

Level: beginner Author: Oombawka Design

Free crochet mitten pattern - free crochet mitten pattern - free crochet mitten pattern - free crochet mitten pattern - free crochet.

photo by Oombawka Design /

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12. Ribbed Baby Mittens

Crocheter behind Krazy Kabbage came up with a cute idea for a baby mitten – she combined basic stitches and ribbing. Take a look at the photos below and tell me, don’t these mitts look like little fish? No matter what color combination you choose, they will be super cute!

Level: beginner Author: Krazy Kabbage

Mittens are shown in different colors.

photo by Krazy Kabbage /

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13. Crochet Newborn Mittens

You’ll be amazed how quickly you can crochet newborn mittens. If you go for a striped look, you can use up any leftover yarn you’ve got in your stash. It’s a good idea to use color combinations tried in baby blankets – this way you can make a lovely set as a baby gift.

Level: beginner Author: Daisy Farm Crafts

A baby is laying in a bed with knitted mittens.

photo by Daisy Farm Crafts /

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14. Pom-Pom Crochet Baby Mittens

If simple designs are too plain for you, all you need to do is to add a pom-pom. Seriously, pom-poms make everything better, especially baby accessories. The crocheter behind Croby Patterns went for a classic combination of yellow and beige, but you can exercise your imagination to come up with vibrant ideas.

Level: beginner Author: Croby Patterns

Two pictures of yellow knitted mittens.

photo by Croby Patterns /

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15. Christmas Baby Mittens

Are you looking for Instagram-worthy seasonal baby accessories? With a little bit of yarn, a crochet hook and a free afternoon, you’ll easily make them yourself! Jo’s baby mitten pattern is easy to follow, so use it to make an unforgettable gift for expecting parents.

Level: beginner Author: Jo to the World Creations

Crocheted santa claus mittens.

photo by Jo to the World Creations /

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16. Warm Crochet Baby Mittens

Have you ever seen cuter crochet newborn mitts? The shape is as straightforward as any other pattern of this kind, but the details are everything. The addition of the furry yarn and tiny bows turn these winter accessories into super-stylish pieces. 

Level: beginner Author: Maisie and Ruth

Crocheted baby mittens in blue, pink and white.

photo by Maisie and Ruth /

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Free crochet patterns for baby mittens

1. Santa Helper Mittens 

Is there a better way to celebrate winter festivities than with special seasonal accessories? Erangi Udeshika went for a classic Santa motif – white and red stripes with green detail. Her crochet baby mitten pattern has a classic shape and will fit kids of all ages.

Level: beginner Author: Erangi Udeshika

Two pictures of crocheted mittens with red and white stripes.

photo by Erangi Udeshika /

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2. Basic Kids Mittens

Crocheting baby mitts can be very relaxing – after one pair it will be a no-brainer for you. Gather leftover yarn ends and turn them into little works of art. Not only will they be cute, but, most importantly, cozy and versatile. Erangi’s simple project can be easily adjusted to the size you need.

Level: beginner Author: Erangi Udeshika

Crocheted mittens in different colors.

photo by Erangi Udeshika /

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3. Crochet Knit-Look Mittens

Some of us prefer a knitted look over a crocheted one, but it’s possible to achieve it without knitting needles. Briana’s pattern for mittens uses a crochet technique that produces very knit-like stitches. Use her project to make mittens for the whole family.

Level: beginner Author: Briana K Designs

Mittens with yarn and knitting needles on a wooden tray.

photo by Briana K Designs /

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4. Fuzzy and Simple Crochet Mittens

Juli Anne’s bubblegum pink mitts stand out thanks to the combination of two lightweight yarns from Hobbii. One is a strand of kid-silk mohair, and the other – extra fine merino. The use of natural yarns ensures the warmth and sophisticated look – below you’ll find the proof.

Level: beginner Author: Juli Anne

Two pictures of children holding mittens in the snow.

photo by Juli Anne /

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5. Harley Herringbone Mittens

I’m a big fan of the herringbone stitch, especially since I’ve found out that it’s very easy to learn. Lakeside Loops’ baby mittens are one of my favorites because they combine texture with a classic fit. Just take a look at the adorable thumb section – darling!

Level: beginner Author: Lakeside Loops

Crocheted mittens with scissors and knitting needles.

photo by Lakeside Loops /

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