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Stripy Crochet Blankets for Beginners – Free Patterns

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Welcome, yarn lovers! Stripy crochet blankets are here! How is your summer going? We hope you are all super relaxed and ready to start exciting new projects. This post was created for all of you who don’t have much experience with the crochet hook yet. Or to those who love uncomplicated patterns perfect for binge-watching, obviously. The exemplary Stripy Crochet Blankets for Beginners are packed with positive energy and summer style. Which one will become your favorite? Make both to find it out! What colors will you go for? Lovely pastels or elegant, toned-down combinations? We are so curious! Check out these free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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stripy blankets free crochet patterns

Summer Throw

Olga’s project uses single crochet spike stitches to create this interesting texture. What I love most about this project, however, is not the body. The colors are on point, but it’s the finishing that turns this simple blanket into a truly summery dream throw. Just take a look at these tassels! Glorious.

Level: beginner Author: Olga Vogel

photos by Olga Vogel /

Find this pattern and the photos on, or read more about it on

Pool Party Blanket

This particular blanket uses 10 skeins of merino yarn, but you can use mini-skeins, or scarp yarn to make it. The author of this project toyed with the idea of stripes, which are the epitome of summer and a staple for summer designs. Take a look at the photo and see for yourself – is it possible not to fall in love with this palette?

Level: beginner Author: Greenletterday

photos by Greenletterday /

Find this pattern and the photos on

Blackberry Bramble Blanket

Wow, this blanket is so classy! Who doesn’t like to crochet a fancy accessory every now and then? We all probably do! The simplicity of this pattern by Liz de Moll as well as the delightful color palette make the blanket look so sophisticated. Will you make your own version? Without a doubt!

Level: upper beginner Author: Liz de Moll

Crocheted Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on

Stress Free Stripes Blanket

Any crocheting newbies here? That’s awesome, Caroline Warren has got you all covered! If you are looking for a perfectly uncomplicated blanket pattern, this is evidently it. Stripes never go out of style, right? Obviously! Keep them colorful!

Level: beginner Author: Caroline Warren

Stripy Crocheted Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on

Equinox Blanket

Earth tones never go out of style, undoubtedly! Crochet patterns by Mama in a Stitch are always so tasteful, no matter if we are talking about clothes or accessories for the home. This blanket will look wonderful on your porch this summer!

Level: beginner Author: Mama in a Stitch

Knit Blanket

The original pattern is on The photos are on Instagram.

Cheery Granny Stripes

This granny stripes blanket is delightful! We love all the summer vibes and the beautiful combination of colors. Everyone who wants to learn a new stitch will certainly enjoy working on this pattern by Yarnspirations Design Studio.

Level: upper beginner Author: Yarnspirations Design Studio

Crochet Granny Stripes

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Afternoon Circus Blanket

There is always a good time for rainbows! Rainbow crochet blankets have always been among our favorites, no doubt about it. If you would like to work with cool stitches and super mood-lifting colors, follow the instructions by Happy in Red.

Level: upper beginner Author: Happy in Red

Crochet Circus Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

Cape Cod Stripes

Such a classic pattern! If you would like to have more basic crochet patterns for striped blankets in your collection, you have evidently ended up in the right corner of the internet today. Save this one by Mich Hooker for later right away!

Level: upper beginner Author: Mich Hooker

Stripy Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on More info on

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