Oh So Cute Amigurumi Free Crochet Patterns

Oh So Cute Amigurumi – Free Crochet Patterns

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Cute Amigurumi patterns are here ready to steal your crochet-loving heart and make you melt from sweetness! If you are looking for some last-minute gift ideas, we would like you to know that no one will resist these adorable creatures, without a doubt. If your family members (no matter the age) find them under the tree, they will surely fall in love! We have found an alpaca and an elephant for you today. Who will you crochet first? Check out the free amigurumi patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Amigurumi Alpaca Free Crochet Pattern

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love alpacas? Their adorable little faces melt even the most resistant hearts. These Amigurumi Alpacas have beautiful pastel colors and cool colorful necklaces. They would be so thrilled to move in with you!

Level: upper beginner Author: Anitha Domacin

Amigurumi Alpaca

The original pattern and the photos are on Paint it Colorful. More info on Ravelry.

Amigurumi Little Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Little Elephant needs a new home! He would certainly love to spend some quality time with your children this Christmas! This baby is adorably round, has large ears and a long trunk. Crochet a lovely scarf for him so he won’t catch a cold!

Level: intermediate Author: Amigurumi Free Patterns

Amigurumi Elephant

The original pattern and the photos are on Amigurumi Free.

Kangaroo Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

StringyDingDing is back with another amigurumi that will conquer our hearts! We are absolutely convinced of that. If you are looking for ideas for handmade gifts for kids and adults, amigurumi is always a great option. Get inspired!

Level: upper beginner Author: StringyDingDing

Kangaroo Amigurumi

The original pattern and the photos are on StringyDingDing. More info on Ravelry.

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