Marvelous Half Moon Shawls

Half Moon Shawls Free Crochet Patterns

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Marvelous Half-Moon Shawl free crochet patterns will draw everyone’s attention without a doubt. They can be your accessory for every day, but also for these special occasions. It all depends on the colors you’ll use, so choose carefully, or better still crochet more than one.

A bright ombre shawl will pair well with a casual style, but purple will be perfect for the evening. Take your time to perfect these intricate stitches, especially if you’re planning on gifting them to your loved ones.

While we work rectangular shawls in uniform rows, triangle shawls, and half-moon shawls become bigger and bigger as we continue. We start at the top center and work our way side to side and down. The difference between a triangle scarf and a half-circle one is the placement and amount of added stitches.

As you will see in our collection, there are crochet lace stitch shawls, as well as ones with mixed stitches. No matter if you’re into romantic lacy shawl ideas or a minimalist approach, you will find a crochet stitch pattern that suits your needs.

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Half-Moon Crochet Shawls Free Patterns

1. CAL Symphony Shawl

Summer shawls don’t have to include complicated lacy crochet stitches to look great. Martina’s crochet shawl uses a simple type of bullion stitch and basic stitches. Just like with triangular shawls and wrap patterns, this crochet project is great for lower-skill-level crocheters. It doesn’t use any complicated techniques, such as shell stitch or 3d elements, but still looks pretty awesome.

Level: upper beginner Author: Martina Supova

photos by Martina Supova /

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2. Polina Crescent Shawl

Half-moon crochet wrap in juicy colors will be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe because it’s very versatile. Selina’s design is a beginner’s dream. Only simple crochet stitches, multicolored yarn, and cute ruffle edging – is there anything more you need? Take a look below to see how cute it looks.

Level: upper beginner Author: Selina Veronique

photos by Selina Veronique /

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3. SisLove Half Circle

This is not just a shawl, this is crochet poetry! Every romantic soul will fall head over heels in love with this amazingly intricate wonder. If you want to try a couple of lacy stitches this summer, you should certainly keep this pattern in mind.

Level: intermediate Author: SisHomemade

Half Circle Crochet Shawl

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4. Bloomfield Shawl

This easy shawl works up pretty quickly but the final effect is always spectacular. It has a nice lacy texture and a lovely drape. Choose your favorite colors in order to maximize the WOW effect, you won’t regret it!

Level: beginner Author: Laura Krzak

Crochet Shawl

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5. Corona Shawl

These intricate stitches are made with a tiny hook but they make a huge impression. The solid color looks stunning, but you should also try to create a gradient. This way you’ll see a completely different effect.

Level: intermediate Author: Universal Yarn

Crochet Shawl

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6. Treble Fantasy

Looking at this shawl is like looking at the sun setting behind the horizon. All the colors flow beautifully, there is a great structure to it too. Some denser stitches slowly fan out letting loose, lacy ones in their place.

Level: upper beginner Author: Michele DuNaier

Crochet Shawl

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7. Gina Shawl

This is the perfect vintage shawl, without a doubt! Could you imagine a more elegant, timeless accessory? All generations of women in your family would enjoy wearing this handmade wonder. Follow the pattern by Cascade Yarns!

Level: advanced Author: Cascade Yarns

Crochet Shawl

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Paid half-circle shawl Crochet patterns

Crossaster – NO LONGER FREE

A spectacular wrap by Expression Fiber Arts! This awesome author has gotten us used to breathtaking designs and this one is certainly no exception. If you want to crochet a precious gift or something special for yourself, take the challenge.

Level: advanced Author: Expression Fiber Arts

Crochet Shawl

Find this pattern and the photos on, or read more on This pattern is no longer free.

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