Colorful Little Stockings Free Crochet Pattern

Do you want to know already what my wishes for you are this Christmas? Well then, I wish you countless smiles and countless tiny crochet stockings! To make sure that these wishes come true, I have prepared a little something for you in advance. The selection of Colorful Little Stockings is going to put a smile on your face in an instant, without a doubt. You are going to have a blast making them and then giving them to your friends as sweet tiny gifts. Check out the free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Mini Christmas Stockings Free Crochet Pattern

The contrasting stripes, the tiny sparkling stars, the fluffiness and wonderful colors. I can’t even decide what the x factor is here! All I know that is you certainly need Mini Christmas Stockings to bring some festive spirit into your house.

Level: beginner Author: Moji-Moji Design

You will find the pattern here. More info here.

Little Christmas Socks Free Crochet Pattern

Little Christmas Socks will surely keep all the small presents Santa is going to leave inside for Christmas. You can make a bunch of them to make an advent calendar, if you like! It’s an easy and fun project for beginners, you can play with patterns, stripes and decorations. Great way to use up leftover yarn.

Level: beginner Author: Sucrette

You will find the pattern here. More info here.

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