Cute Crochet Security Blankets

Cute Crochet Security Blankets – Free Patterns

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These adorable crochet toys go under the name loveys or security blankets. A project like that may have many names, but one thing makes it absolutely one of a kind. If your baby doesn’t already have one, take a look at these security blanket crochet patterns for free.

It’s a combination of a small, worked-flat blanket and amigurumi added in the center. Blankie makes a little “skirt” attached to amigurumi’s head and hands.

Loveys come in all shapes and sizes, and there are no rules on how they should look like. There are even designs that add paws and heads at the edges of the blanket. These look absolutely gorgeous.

Choose whichever animal you like, or even go beyond that and make a lovey that features your favorite movie character. The possibilities are endless! We have seen many of them!

Make Cute Crochet Security Blankets your next project with one of the best yarn for crochet blankets!

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Security Blankets Free Crochet Pattern Ideas

Crochet Serape Lovey

This adorable security blanket pattern in southwestern style by Bethany Dearden will be a great gift! They look cute and are very on-trend, so choose them for a newbie parents.

Tapestry crochet blanket gives you a perfect opportunity to hone your skills in this technique, so don’t wait. Try it ASAP!

Level: intermediate Author: Bethany Dearden

Crochet Serape Lovey

Find this pattern on, or

A Bunny To Love Crochet Lovey Blanket

A simple star-shaped blanket is a great base for a lovely bunny blanket. Crochet 365 Knit Too always inspires us with the most delightful patterns.

What is the conclusion here? Be sure to try this one today!

Level: upper beginner Author: Crochet 365 Knit Too

Bunny Crochet Lovey Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are on

Crochet Snuggle Bunny Baby Lovey

Ashleigh Kiser designed one of the cutest crochet loveys we have ever seen! You can make this bunny blanket with two kinds of yarn. One of them gives the lovey beautiful fluffiness your little ones will adore!

Level: upper beginner Author: Ashleigh Kiser

Bunny Baby Lovey

The original pattern and the photos are on

Pinky The Piggy Security Blanket

This paid pattern for a baby security blanket is worth every penny because Pinky The Piggy Blanket looks simply delightful! The cute piggy with a structural blanket will be a beautiful baby shower gift. Experiment with pastel colors to suit your baby’s taste!

Level: intermediate Author: Ira Rott Designs

Pig Security Blanket

Find this pattern on

Petunia The Panda Lovey

This project is great for beginners. So you will make it in no time even if you do not have a lot of experience with yarn crafts.

In addition, shell edging adds a nice detail. And you will get to learn a new technique!

Level: beginner Author: A Purpose and a Stitch

Panda Lovey

Find this pattern on

Crochet Little Lamb Lovey

It looks like we love everything about this Crochet Lamb Lovey designed by Sewrella. It is big enough to cuddle with forever, and it is also fun to make! This little sweetie will be your baby’s favorite sleep buddy. Already know the double crochet stitch, if so be sure to give it a try!

Level: upper beginner Author: Sewrella

Crochet Lamb Lovey

The original pattern and the photos are on

Sunny The Sleepy Bunny Lovey

This stunning doll is stunning mostly because of the decorative fan stitch. Its lovely colors make it even more cool and look at the bunny’s sweet little face! This lovely crochet pattern by Ira Rott Designs comes with an additional cost, but it’s definitely worth it.

Level: intermediate Author: Ira Rott Designs

Bunny Lovey

Find this pattern on

Puppy Lovey

The simplest ideas sometimes give us the most impressive results, don’t they?

A simple star-shaped blanket and an amigurumi puppy. This puppy lovey will make an adorable toy for your baby! Be sure to experiment with this one too!

Level: beginner Author: Crochetfromaland

Puppy Lovey

Find this pattern on

Security Blanket

Wow, just look at this lovey crochet pattern designed by Olivia Silva. It doesn’t have to be obvious what kind of animal the lovey is about, right? This adorable character can become whatever you want her or him to be. Just give it a go and play with colors!

Level: upper beginner Author: Olivia Silva

Crochet Security Blanket

photo by brunasa /

Find this pattern on, or

Snuggle Lamb Baby Lovey Blanket

Look at this wonderful project of a lovey blanket! It’s definitely one of those cute little lovey patterns you simply cannot miss! It has a bobble stitch and will be great for little ones’ evening cuddles.

This lamb baby lovey blanket makes a very soft, warm, and snuggly toy. The pattern by Julie Erskine comes as paid but it’s truly wonderful!

Level: intermediate Author: Julie Erskine

Lamb Baby Lovey Blanket

Find this pattern on, or

Kitten Baby Lovey

Is anyone looking for gifts for a special little someone? Rhondda Mol from Oombawka Design comes to our rescue with this crochet pattern for a delightful baby lovey. Make a set with an amigurumi kitten in bright colors – your baby will certainly adore it.

Level: upper beginner Author: Rhondda Mol (Oombawka Design)

Crochet Baby Lovey

Find this pattern on, or

Airplane Lovey

Look at this cool and easy-to-crochet lovey project! This is the perfect example of a pattern every craft-loving parent should have at home. If you are going to a baby shower, you have just found a great idea for a gift. Make sure to try out this free easy crochet for a baby.

Level: beginner Author: Lindsey Dale

Crochet Airplane Lovey

Find this pattern on, or


What kind of yarn to choose for crochet security blankets?

The weight of your yarn obviously depends on the final effect you would like to achieve. Anything from double knitting to bulky yarn will surely be a great choice. Always remember about safety and choose the best quality yarns that are breathable and feel good against baby’s sensitive skin.

Are crochet security blankets easy enough for beginners?

For the ones that are motivated and not afraid of a challenge, without a doubt! Adventurous beginners should master these kinds of patterns with the right instructions and some time on their hands. If you want to gain experience in crocheting toys and blankets, give them a try!

How to choose the right color for crochet security blankets?

Every parent will probably know best what colors they want to surround their little ones with! Pick your color palette depending on whether you prefer something energizing or more sense-soothing and calming.

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