Cute Bunny Slippers Ideas Free Knitting Patterns

Cute Bunny Slippers Ideas – Free Knitting Patterns

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Free knitting patterns for bunny slippers are here! Having cold feet can definitely mess up your day. Therefore I may have found a perfect solution. Slippers! They are a great accessory for coming chill so if you haven`t got a pair yet it`s definitely high time to make one. Cute Bunny Slippers Ideas can suit your whole family because the patterns fit different sizes. It would certainly be delightful to snuggle on the couch wearing matching slippers. Both recommendations are easy to make however they differ in finishing touches. So choose either classic knit with added ears and fluffy tail or go for felting technique that will give you a dense fabric. In addition, decorate the slippers with embroidery. It will certainly look super cute. Check out these free patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Family Bunny Slippers Free Knitting Pattern

Yes, that`s right – you can knit these bunny slippers for a whole family because the pattern is in adjustable sizes. Definitely attach a fluffy tail for a playful touch.

Level: beginner Author: Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

Bunny Slippers

The original pattern and the photos are on Church Mouse Yarns. More info on Ravelry.

Bunny Hop Free Knitting Pattern

Adorable slippers are worked flat then sewn together therefore they`re great for beginners. Felting creates a dense and thick fabric so the slippers will be warm and cozy.

Level: beginner Author: DROPS Design

Slippers Bunny

The original pattern and the photos are on Garnstudio. More info on Ravelry.

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