Free Crochet Shorts Patterns

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Summer’s in full swing! It’s a perfect time to pull all summery shorts out of your wardrobe and enjoy sunny weather outside. Don’t know where your old shorts have gone, or maybe you’re bored with your last year’s outfits? No worries, with these free crochet patterns by TCDDIY and Anna Greene, you can create a new pair of summer shorts all by yourself. You’ll fall in awe at their stylish design and wonderful textures. Rock your summer look with these two beautiful pieces of clothing designed in the smallest detail.

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Free Crochet Shorts Pattern Ideas

Crochet Shorts

If you already know some crochet basics, then go and make these lovely crochet shorts. They can be easily paired with a stylish crop top or a comfy t-shirt. As you can see below, the shorts have a beautiful texture with a dense fabric at the front and looser stitches at the sides, which makes them a perfect choice for hot weather. These shorts designed by TCDDIY will perfectly match any of your summer outfits.

Level: upper beginner Author: TCDDIY

a closeup of a girl wearing dusty pink crocheted top and shorts

photo by TCDDIY /

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crochet striped shorts

You cannot miss this brilliant pattern idea for easy crochet shorts by Anna Greene. Its classy striped design makes them an interesting choice to pair with an oversized t-shirt. Would you use subtle colors like the ones in the photo or spice things up a bit with bolder shades? With so many options to choose from, you are sure to create your perfect pair of summer shorts.

Level: upper beginner Author: Anna Greene

a young woman in striped crocheted shorts and a t-shirt

photo by Anna Greene /

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