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Rainbow Baskets Free Crochet Patterns

Dear crocheters, we are getting organized today! No matter how big your stash is, this selection of Rainbow Baskets is going to help you take control over it. If you have always felt that your house is lacking storage space, you have certainly come to the right place today. The baskets are not only super practical but also pretty! Are you ready to feel the power of the rainbow? Check out these patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Drawstring Basket Free Crochet Pattern

Easy and fun! This project is great both for beginners looking for a challenge and for experienced crocheters who want to use up leftover yarn. The stripy colorful pattern is so cute, isn’t it? A decorative basket with fluffy pom-poms will find its place not only in children’s rooms.

Level: intermediate Author: Sincerely Pam

Drawstring Basket Free Crochet Patterns

You will find the patterns here. More info here.

Crochet Basket DIY Free Pattern

The construction of this basket is very basic but super practical. It is sturdy and has handles, what else can you dream of then? You can keep your stash inside or gift it to a friend that needs more storage space in the house.

Level: beginner Author: Poppy and Bliss


Crochet Basket DIY Free Crochet Patterns

You will find the patterns here.

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