Crochet Baby Romper Free Patterns

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Is there anything more cute than a little one in a crochet baby romper? Tiny handmade dresses, skirts, tops, and hats – it’s all so adorable. But, as we know, skirts pull up, tops get pulled out of the skirts, and in no more than a blink of an eye, the baby is undressed again. A solution? We recommend baby rompers. These adorable garments combine shorts with the top, so you can be sure that everything (including diapers!) will stay in the right place. Check out free crochet patterns under the links below.

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Free Crochet Baby Romper Pattern Ideas

Crochet Granny Square Romper and Sun Hat

Dress your little princess in a matchy set and let her be the focus of everyone’s attention! The simple granny square in the middle of this romper makes it a truly timeless piece. The wild fuchsia color may be too much for some of you, but don’t worry – simply change up the color palette for neutrals. 

Level: upper beginner Author: Daisy Farm Crafts

photo by Daisy Farm Crafts /

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Beachside Baby Romper

This tiny cotton top will be the most comfortable piece in your little one’s closet. Lindsey used multicolored yarn that results in unexpected color changes. You can replicate her idea or come up with your own – consider stripes, solid color, or even sewing on some crochet appliques!

Level: beginner Author: Lindsey Dale

photo by Lindsey Dale /

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