Creative Crochet Photo Frames

Creative Crochet Photo Frames – Ideas and Free Patterns

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Looking for a unique gift for a loved one? We’ve got something for you. Crochet photo frames will be just perfect!

If you have basic skills in crochet but don’t want to make another shawl or undertake a big project, this may be for you. Creative Crochet Photo Frames are a lovely way to express your feelings and make a home accessory.

You can use amigurumi techniques and make it all even more fun. If you need an elegant lacy frame, you can make one, too! In addition, you can always change it up as you like – add or subtract certain details, like flowers or embroidery. Giving a photo in a frame may seem a bit old-school, but it will be a great gift.

Check out these patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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free crochet picture frame patterns

1. Crochet Frame

Catarina Bandeira surely has enchanted us with this crochet pattern for decorative frames. This adorable circular gem is very easy to make and uses a shell stitch to create nice edging.

Level: beginner Author: Catarina Bandeira

Crochet Frame

Find this pattern on, or

2. Stunning Crochet Frame 

Are you one of the crafters who don’t have a lot of crocheting experience yet? Yes, this frame by Maria Manuel is simply stunning, but the base is pretty simple, so add or change up the details as you like!

Level: upper beginner Author: Maria Manuel

Crochet Frame

Find this pattern on

3. Fancy Frames

Make a whole bunch of fancy frames and put them together in a home gallery. It is such a cool trick to bring new life to every interior and a very Instagram-worthy one too. Will you mix colors boldly or stick with one shade?

Level: upper beginner Author: Christine Harvey

Crochet Frames

Find this pattern on, or

4. Sheep/Lamb Photo Frame 

Your little baby will look so cute as a little lamb. Consider making this wonder designed by passionatecraft2 as a baby shower gift too! It is such an original crochet pattern. Trust us, we have seen many of them and this one surely stayed with us.

Level: upper beginner Author: passionatecraft2

Sheep/Lamb Photo Frame

Find this pattern on, or

5. Crochet Star Frame Tutorial

A simple crochet star can be a beautiful photo frame, evidently. This crochet pattern by Little Golden Nook proves that.

Do you have any leftover yarn skeins in your stash? In your favorite colors, maybe? Don’t hesitate and make a couple of crochet frames today!

Level: beginner Author: Little Golden Nook

Crochet Star Frame

Find this pattern on

6. “Mom” Wall Hanging Picture Frame 

The idea of making the whole wall hanging with a photo frame is just adorable. We admire Sonya Blackstone for it.

We all need to think about our mothers not only around their special day, right? 

Level: upper beginner Author: Sonya Blackstone

Mom Wall Hanging Picture Frame

Find this pattern on, or

7. Frankenstein

Halloween is coming, so why don’t you make a Frankenstein photo frame for your children of best friends? It will be great as a decoration for everyone who adores this legendary story! 

Level: upper beginner Author: passionatecraft2

Frankenstein Crochet Frame

Find this pattern on, or

8. The One With Monica’s Peephole (Frame) 

Are there many fans of Friends among our followers? Oh, we are sure there are plenty of you. Aren’t you so excited to try this pattern designed by Once Upon a Cheerio and inspired by the legendary TV show? Will you stick with yellow or choose another color?

Level: upper beginner Author: Once Upon a Cheerio

Crochet Photo Frame

Find this pattern on The top photo is on Instagram.

9. Vintage Photo Ornament 

We have great news for this holiday season. Do you want to hear it? You only need simple stitches and basic sewing skills to decorate your Christmas tree with photos of your loved ones. With patterns from Lindsey Dale, everything is possible.

Level: upper beginner Author: Lindsey Dale

Crochet Photo Ornament

Find this pattern on, or

premium crochet frame patterns

Photo Frame Bunny – Paid pattern

This paid pattern is worth every penny because every baby will look adorable in it. Tanati Crochet is a very skilled designer, without a doubt. Are you in the mood to try her pattern?

Level: upper beginner Author: Tanati Crochet

Photo Frame Bunny

The original pattern and the photos are on Etsy.

Photo Frame Unicorn – paid pattern

This paid pattern is perfect for portraits, as it makes you look like a unicorn. And your children too, which they will undoubtedly love. If you want to make a precious handmade gift for someone special, this idea by Tanati Crochet should land on your list.

Level: intermediate Author: Tanati Crochet

Photo Frame Unicorn

The original pattern and the photos are on Etsy

Mermaid Photo Frame – no longer available

Another portrait frame, this time for a little mermaid. This pattern is no longer available, unfortunately, but we still want you to be able to use it purely for inspiration.

Level: upper beginner Author: Gina Rahman

Mermaid Photo Frame

The photos are on This pattern is no longer available.

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